Who is Recruit Rooster?

We’re a new team of creatives, recruiters, and marketers from DirectEmployers, the pioneer in federal contractor compliance and recruitment marketing.


The noble rooster isn’t just any bird; it’s a working bird, an early bird, the bird that runs the coop and rules the roost. Plus, we just love the way “Recruit Rooster” rolls off the tongue—and off the beak.


Recruit Rooster is a wholly owned subsidiary of DirectEmployers. And like DirectEmployers, we can help you find the minority, military, and other specialized candidates you need to reach your hiring goals, or diversify your workplace. But when you work with our team, you get a whole new suite of services.


We’ll help you develop the web presence you need to appeal to the people you’re trying to reach. That means building a better careers page with IT-free deployment, fast turnaround times, and smarter analytics to improve your website’s performance. It also means providing you with custom creative services like great content, attractive video, and original photography that showcases your business at its best to attract the right candidates.

Is Recruit Rooster a nonprofit like DirectEmployers?

Recruit Rooster isn’t a nonprofit, but we still fall under the mission of DirectEmployers by providing cost-effective technologies to employers so they can take control of their budgets and brands.

Do you have to be a member of DE to use recruit Rooster products and services?

Nope. Even if you’re not a member, you can still hire Recruit Rooster to help your company find better candidates. But employers who are members of DirectEmployers will enjoy an additional suite of products.

Does Recruit Rooster’s services affect my membership or compliance?

Not at all. In fact, working with Recruit Rooster as a member of DirectEmployers only enhances your membership by providing engaging experiences to job seekers across the globe.

What makes Recruit Rooster competitive in the market?

Recruit Rooster is your most direct path to the best employees. That’s because finding the best employees requires a smart, multifaceted approach. Recruit Rooster offers technical and creative services for projects of any size. Add to that our flexibility and cost effectiveness and you’ve got something worth crowing over.

What types of employers do you service?

Recruit Rooster serves employers of all sizes. The majority of our customers, however, are Fortune 5000.


The mission of Recruit Rooster is to provide cost-effective recruitment marketing technology and services that allow employers to take back control of their brand.

Do I have to develop a career site through Recruit Rooster in order to use your creative services?

Nope. Not to get cocky, but that’s one of the great things about Recruit Rooster—we’re flexible enough to work within just about any recruitment or branding strategy. So if you need great photography, professional video, or compelling content? We’re your bird. We always do an exceptional job, whether we’re filling in the gaps or taking on a creative project from start to finish.

Who owns the creative once it has been created?

You do. When you partner with Recruit Rooster, the creative work remains your property. Our goal is to help you take control of your brand—and that means controlling your creative.

What are the benefits of working with Recruit Rooster?

We work fast, lean, and dependably—and we stay in your budget. And because we’re not a big, bureaucratic organization, when you’ve got a problem we’ll answer the phone and fix it. The result is better marketing to better candidates, without all the nonsense you might be used to.

What types of domains do you build on?

Anything you like! Domain and/or subdomain selection is totally up to the customer.

How long do employer projects typically take?

Every project is unique, and the amount of time required ultimately depends on the project’s scope. But we’re dependably fast and efficient; once the content is gathered, we can develop a full-blown career site in just a matter of weeks.

Does Recruit Rooster work on billable hours?

Never. All the costs associated with your recruitment strategy and/or creative services are up front. You’ll know the cost of your project from the very beginning.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch! Call us today at 866-268-6806, or request a demo. Together, we can hatch something great.

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