Case Study 

When searching for the perfect candidate, first impressions are everything. The first thing a job seeker sees when landing on the Grifols new career site is an exciting recruitment video, placed boldly in the slider image at the top of the page. Talk about an interactive career site, but their application process wasn’t always that way. Before this new career site, they had no dedicated place to house their Grifols Plasma jobs, and no content to showcase what it’s like to work for them. That’s where Recruit Rooster came in!

After meeting with their team, we determined the goal was to create dedicated career site full of photos and videos that highlight their company culture, and values while giving potential candidates an inside look at what a career at Grifols would be like.

The solution

Every Recruit Rooster solution is tailored specifically to the needs of our client.

Like all of Recruit Rooster’s career sites, the new Grifols site was built to be accessible, search engine optimized, and mobile responsive. Just below the basic job search, you see compelling information on why you should want to work at Grifols, and some quick links leading to popular job searches such as corporate, management, and nursing, as well as jobs for veterans.

Scrolling down further, job seekers will find a jobs map displaying job openings geographi- cally, and below that are videos detailing the different roles that Grifols has available. What better way to showcase what it’s truly like to work at Grifols?

Career site products implemented

Utilizing Recruit Rooster’s full suite of career site tools, Grifols was able to highlight their culture, locations, and even videos detailing various roles available for hire.


Flexible Homepage Template

Ten Static Content Pages

Five Branded Job Sites

Military Skills Translator

Interactive Jobs Map

The Finishing Touch

What good would a brand new career site be without any content to put on it? A major factor on any website, career-related or not, is the content, and this is where our Creative Services team came in! We traveled on-site to their corporate offices and plasma centers in Durham, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California to shoot photo and video content. 

The Creative Services package for the Grifols site included five Recruitment Branding videos, 50 professionally edited photos, and a total of 5-7 days shooting on-site. Their five videos ended up being Grifols History, Nursing at Grifols, Managers at Grifols, Veterans at Grifols, and a Grifols Overview. Since the site’s launch in 2019, these videos have had over 147,000 views, and are placed front and center on the site!

5-7 Days On-Site

50 Professional Photographs

Five Employer Brand Videos

Creative Success story

Video Views

The Results

Since its initial launch in 2019, Grifols new career site has had 581,923 visits and 286,948 apply clicks. In year two of the running the career site, we had a 35.0% increase in visits and a 17.1% increase in apply clicks.

Their site is currently on pace for a 60.8% increase in visits and a 44.7% increase in apply clicks in year three!

Video Views


Increase in visits by year 2


Increase in apply clicks by year 2

Visits since launch

Apply clicks since launch

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