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Our Recruit Rooster creative team goes above and beyond to help you meet your creative vision! Whether it’s authentic imagery of real employees, employment branding videos, or custom design work, there’s no idea too wild for us! Best of all, we work within your budget and wherever you need us. 

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Our Creative Team uses top of the line equipment to create our high quality content! With years of experience creating videos and photographs, our team is ready to show off your employer brand. 

Our team travels

There’s no better way for us to capture your company culture than by visiting your company on-site! Our Roosters will fly (or drive) to your location to give potential employees a glimpse into a real day in the life at your company. Or you can visit our in-house studio in Indianapolis for recording! 

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When you partner with Recruit Rooster, the creative work remains your property. Our goal is to help you take control of your brand—and that means controlling your creative. At the end of our project, we’ll turn over all the creative assets we’ve created for you to use however you see fit. If Recruit Rooster manages your career site as well, it couldn’t be easier to implement your new creative swag on to your site!


Did we mention we’re award-winning? In 2020, we received a Gold Award from Muse Creative for one of our employment branding videos. We also won three Communicator Awards in 2016 and 2019. We’re always looking to add another trophy to our collection, and our next award-winning project could be your company’s!



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