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Recruit Rooster goes the extra mile to ensure our technology is equipped to provide an intuitive user interface accessible by individuals with disabilities. Not only does this immediately broaden your ability to reach the best candidates, but it also gives job seekers with disabilities the opportunity to continue their online career search experience with reduced obstacles.




Meet ADA standards

For individuals with disabilities, navigating the internet often leads to unforeseen obstacles, such as improper video captioning and color contrast, and ultimately a substandard user experience. Recruit Rooster works hard to deliver technology that meets ADA accessibility recommendations by providing a user experience that breaks through barriers to engage individuals with disabilities and improves their online career search experience.


Let our team of experts audit your career site, online branding, and diversity hiring efforts to analyze the current state of your digital presence. We’ll dive in and provide you with a detailed action plan for how we can dramatically impact your diversity hiring initiatives, while staying true to your established employment brand. We also provide manual assessments and a consultative approach to crafting a compliant career site experience accessible by all.

Our Goal


We make it our mission to help you meet the ADA’s accessibility recommendations regarding disability enabled user software and website compatibility and help organizations reach diverse populations.

Recruit Rooster had the opportunity to visit Bosma Enterprises for the Blind to learn more about web accessibility and the tools used to create an online experience without obstacles.


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