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Meet Recruit Rooster’s
Talent Attract Video

The video platform for recruitment teams


Ready to engage job seekers with authentic video content?

Introducing Talent Attract Video, our new video platform that empowers your employees to share their authentic experiences and stories with your customers! With just a few taps on their phone, employees can now record their own testimonial videos through our easy-to-use app.


Benefits of Talent Attract Video


Employee-generated testimonial videos are more authentic and genuine as employees are able to speak candidly about their experiences, without the need for scripts or rehearsing. Customers and job seekers appreciate authenticity, which can help build trust and credibility with your target audience.


Employee-generated testimonial videos are cost-effective. All you need is a smartphone or a webcam, and your employees can create high-quality videos that showcase your company culture and values.


Employee-generated videos can help your job seekers relate to your employment brand on a personal level. Job seekers often want to know what it's really like to work within your company, and employee-generated videos can give them a glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of your employees.


Employee-generated testimonial videos can be created quickly and easily. You can simply ask your employees to record a short video on their phone or computer and send it to you. This can save you time and resources, while still delivering an effective marketing message.


Employee-generated testimonial videos can offer a wide range of perspectives and experiences, showcasing different aspects of your company culture and values. This variety can help keep your marketing content fresh and engaging, while also providing a more comprehensive view of your company.

Expert guidance

Our award-winning creative team will help your team become familiar with the TA Video App. Our creative team can teach your employees best practices for recording their own videos, assist with editing, and answer any questions.

1. Download the app

Our platform is user-friendly and accessible to everyone in your organization. All employees need is their phone and our app, and they can start recording and sharing their own videos for you to utilize for your recruitment marketing efforts.

2. Have your employees record their own videos

With helpful tips and guidance from our award-winning creative team, your employees will be able to capture authentic videos on their own!

3. Let the videos speak for themselves

Job seekers want to hear from real people, and our platform allows you to give them just that. By highlighting the experiences and stories of your employees, you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

Recruit Rooster's Talent Attract Video app for employee testimonial vidoes

Dashboards and easy editing

Your dashboard will provide you with at-a-glance takeaways of your employee's uploaded videos and then allow you to edit right in the app.

From Rooster's award-winning creative team

Get expert knowledge and tips to ensure the best outcome for your testimonial videos.

Discover the impact of Talent Attract Video

Employee testimonial videos build trust with job seekers. Get a demo to find out how you can easily create videos that will make a positive impact on your recruitment goals.

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