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Analytics and reporting

Track recruitment metrics to sharpen performance

Computer screen showing dashboard analytics report

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, you can easily track your recruitment metrics and KPIs, optimize the performance of your career site, and improve your candidate pipelines.

Measure and evaluate

Our team members will go over your career site’s data, giving you further insight into your potential job seekers.

Gain real-time access

Recruit Rooster offers job seeker analytics displaying visits, apply clicks, and conversions that are easy and readily accessible.

Be more informed

Easily view all traffic from all syndication sources — our network and all of your additional vendor relationships — in one easy analytics platform.

Recruitment metrics and analytics consultation
Flexible, customizable analytics packages

Based on your recruitment marketing strategy, we’ll help you create and define the metrics that are important to you.

  • Establish performance benchmarks Whether you’re looking for increased applicant flow, more career site traffic, or higher candidate engagement levels, we’ll help determine the recruitment metrics most important to your team.
  • Implement tracking and setup dashboards Reports and dashboards will help you understand job seeker behavior on your career site and through your CRM, so you can optimize your recruitment efforts.
  • Actionable insights and strategies Our team of experts will hold regular meetings to review your metrics and dashboards with you to ensure that your recruitment marketing efforts are well-informed by data.

Increase recruiter productivity

With advanced insights and data, you can gain a better picture of your team’s activities, so you can work together to optimize workflows and improve recruitment KPIs.

Career site analytics

The goal of assessing analytics is to provide you with the knowledge to improve your ROI and enact better talent attraction strategies. We can help you understand and interpret data, like referral sources, candidate behaviors, and site traffic, so you can focus more on the efforts that drive the best results.

Learn how data-driven recruitment metrics create a competitive advantage

Request a demo to see how Recruit Rooster’s dashboards and analytics can be used to optimize your efforts.

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