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Proactively build a pipeline of engaged candidates

Grow talent pipelines
Proactive talent pool

Create and grow a proactive talent pool of interested and engaged candidates.

Reduce cost-to-hire Decrease the ongoing time, effort, and money spent on your recruitment efforts by leveraging our Talent Engage software to build a pipeline of candidates.

Engage talent ahead of business demand Build and maintain a robust pool of interested candidates within Talent Engage, and keep them engaged with easy-to-use automated communications.

Easily add new candidates to Talent Engage from a variety of sources

With Talent Engage, you can capture leads from your career site and landing pages, as well as import candidates from events or your ATS.

  • Your career site Easily and efficiently capture prospective candidate information directly from your career site.
  • Custom forms Within Talent Engage, you can generate custom forms to be used on your career site and landing pages to capture the information relevant to your organization.
  • Import candidates Quickly add new candidates that you’ve sourced from other channels, like social media, events, career fairs, job boards, and external agencies.

As your talent pools grow, you can create custom lists within Talent Engage to segment your prospective candidates.

Organize and segment your pipeline any way you want.

  • Custom lists Create lists based on area of expertise, key skills, job type, experience level, location, etc.
  • Audience segmentation Organizing candidates into categories will help you with sending personalized and relevant messages that resonate with each audience.

Robust candidate profiles

In Talent Engage, you can easily search through your pools of candidates to find the talent you’re looking for.

  • Powerful filters Find candidates quickly with filters such as interests, locations, and skills.
  • Candidate profiles Click any candidate to view all information and activities, so you can effectively communicate with them over time.
Get a step ahead in the hiring process

Create and organize a talent database while building diversity into your pipeline strategy.

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