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Creative Studio

Activate your employer brand with amazing creative

Ready to tell your story and stand out from the competition?

Give job seekers an authentic understanding of who you are with a recruitment marketing strategy and compelling creative that showcases your employer brand and company culture. Recruit Rooster’s Creative Studio Team knows what it takes to attract candidates to your company. Let us help you define and differentiate your brand through creative content, video, and messaging that will resonate with your audiences.


Let's get creative, together! We'll develop a recruitment marketing strategy that shows prospective employees what makes your company great.

Our creative team can help your organization stand out visually from all the noise and bring your employer brand to life. We work with some of the nation’s top employer brands to create captivating creative content that appeals to a diverse audience.

EVP activation

A compelling employer brand and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the key to driving successful recruitment marketing campaigns.

Career site design

We specialize in creating best-in-class career sites with all the tools and functionality you need to attract the best talent.

Targeted, personalized messaging

In today’s tech-driven recruitment market, relevancy and personalization is key to attracting and nurturing top talent. Our custom content solutions can be tailored to your key recruitment targets.

Engaging content

With a team of award-winning creatives, we can manage all aspects of content creation — including custom video, photography, copy, and design.

Multichannel media

Our Creative Studio Team excels at creating highly engaging content across a variety of media and platforms — from your career site to social media.


We help your employer brand shine through in all of your messaging and every touchpoint in the candidate journey.

Video and photo

We’ll help strategize, direct, and produce a range of photos and videos that can be utilized and repurposed for different platforms.

Social media

We’ll design social media content that helps bolster your recruitment brand, create connections, and increase visibility.

Digital marketing

If you need digital ads, blogs, social media, or any type of digital content, our team has the expertise to create impactful communications.

We design, develop, and deliver everything to fit within your overall brand and recruitment strategy

Creative insights and strategy Everything begins with a comprehensive understanding of your overarching brand guidelines and recruitment marketing strategy. From there, we devise and plan creative solutions that will help with your talent attraction efforts.

Collaborative processes During the creative process, you’ll be involved every step of the way — from brainstorming and sketches to complete solutions — so that all creative output aligns with your team’s goals.

Design execution and implementation Through video and photography, we hope to build a library of authentic assets that truly reflect your company culture and brand. Then, we utilize those assets to create content that we can deploy across your website, CRM, advertising, and social media.

Flexible options

With our Creative Studio, the possibilities are endless.

Every company is different and every recruitment marketing strategy is unique. We'll work closely with your team to find the right solution to fit your goals.

Complete creative solutions

From social media to digital content and career site development, we have you covered.

Our Creative Studio is ready to engage your team with inspiring ideas that have the potential to surprise and delight potential candidates as they interact with your brand.

Attract, engage, and nurture talent with the best creative content

Learn how our Creative Studio will help you attract the best candidates for your employer brand.

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