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Talent Engage - Recruitment Marketing Software

Engage talent with marketing automation

Recruitment marketing automation

Automate recruitment campaigns for proven results and more effective lead nurturing.

Multichannel communications

Develop branded email and SMS campaigns to easily connect with top talent.

Scale candidate conversion

Automated campaigns have been proven to perform better at effectively nurturing leads.

Targeted marketing

Create segmented lists to send the right message to the right candidates at the right time.

Increase engagement with a segmentation strategy to personalize your messaging

When you combine automation with custom list segmentation, you can easily nurture your talent pipelines at scale.

Create a remarkable candidate experience with branded emails and high-conversion SMS campaigns

It’s easy to create your own templates in Talent Engage, or work with our Creative Services Team on custom designs and messaging, including video, that can be utilized in your campaigns.

Increase open rates and response times with SMS

Leverage SMS to nurture and engage candidates more personally by sending automated messages to their mobile device.

Effectively build relationships with email and SMS workflows

Improve your teams efficiency with recruitment marketing automation.

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