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Increase recruiter productivity

Track applicant flow, recruiter activity, and ROI across all platforms

Recruiter productivity analytics dashboard

Track recruiter activity

Our Recruiter Tool enables your team to generate a unique link specific to each source when contacting candidates to drive applicant flow. The source is automatically hard-coded to follow candidates through the entire apply process to completion in your ATS. By “specifying a recruiter,” the tool can automatically track all recruiter activity in the tool and ROI across all of your platforms.

Optimize activities

Throw out your outdated, complicated spreadsheets for a simple, clean solution with Recruit Rooster’s new Recruiter Tool. All of your recruiters’ activity and data are tracked in one simple, easy to use platform. Better organization means you can increase recruiter productivity across all platforms.

Take your recruiting efforts to new heights

As with all our products and services, our Recruiter Tool is affordable, flexible, and available for companies of all sizes. The result is targeted marketing to relevant candidates, without all the nonsense.

Improve your recruiters’ productivity

Talk to us about how visibility into metrics and analytics can improve your recruitment processes.

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