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Talent Engage - Landing Page Builder

Create your own campaign landing pages

Recruiter creating recruitment marketing landing pages with Recruit Rooster's Landing Page Builder in Talent Community CRM

Build simple, standalone campaign landing pages

Build and launch quickly

Easily implement and launch your own campaign landing pages with form capture to grow your pipeline of candidates for specific audiences, locations, events, and campaigns.

No developers or coding required

Avoid bottlenecks with your tech team and marketing department. Your team will be able to create their own simple, single-page landing pages in just a few clicks.

Match your employer brand

Choose a template, add a headline and copy, and upload a header image that aligns with your employer brand to create your own campaign landing page that delivers a personalized candidate experience for your target audience.

Recruit Rooster's Talent Engage recruitment marketing software landing pages

Create targeted content for specific audiences with Landing Page Builder

With Recruit Rooster’s Landing Page Builder within our Talent Engage software, you can create campaign landing pages with unique content that speaks directly to your target candidates. Inside Talent Engage, you’ll have easy-to-use functionality to implement standalone pages that will help you get more leads with higher conversion rates. Start creating personalized landing pages to improve your pipeline quality and have the ability to nurture more candidates for future opportunities.

Recruitment marketing landing page builder in Talent Community CRM

Simple, single-page, no-code landing pages that are targeted, easy to implement, form-based, and represent your employer brand

Represent your employer brand
With Landing Page Builder you can create succinct, single-pages with a few lines of copy and a header image that will resonate with your target audience while providing a glimpse of your company’s unique personality.

Include a focused Call to Action
A call-to-action is a vital part of your landing pages. Easily add a button that drives visitors to take one specific action, like “Join our Talent Community,” to capture job seeker information and build your pipeline.

Optimize for Mobile
Every landing page that you create will be optimized for mobile phones, so you can reach job seekers on the go – regardless of the device they’re on.

Recruit Rooster's Talent Engage recruitment marketing software and campaign landing page builder

Create a variety of landing pages based on your company’s hiring needs

Is your company always looking for candidates for a specific role type or job family? Recruitment campaign landing pages are a great way to boost visibility with specific audiences and to grow your talent pool.

  • Create a specific page for teams like customer service, engineering, or operations.
  • Capture the attention of interns, recent graduates, and early talent with a simple landing page geared towards their needs and interests.
  • Improve your diversity recruitment efforts with standalone landing pages that put your inclusion program front and center.
  • Generate location specific landing pages for localized recruiting efforts.
  • Feature campaign landing pages for your recruitment events and virtual career fairs.
Create your own recruitment campaign landing pages

Build and grow your talent pipeline with simple, single-page, form-based landing pages that capture job seeker information.

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