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We’re a new flock of creatives, recruiters, and marketers from DirectEmployers, the pioneer in federal contractor compliance and recruitment marketing. Like DirectEmployers, we can help you find the minority, military, and other specialized candidates you need to reach your hiring benchmarks. But when you work with our team, you get a whole new suite of services.

What we do

Businesses struggle to fill positions and many qualified candidates can’t find work because the current system is overgrown with complications. For employers, applicant tracking systems are a mess, online job boards are stuck in 2005, and HR departments are overworked. Meanwhile, job-seekers contend with cumbersome online portals, job postings that aren’t optimized for search, and time-consuming online application processes that are often inaccessible by individuals with disabilities.

You need someone who can cut through the nonsense, remove the obstacles, and show you a better path forward.

In short? You need us.

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Meet our team of Roosters

Heather is the head of our roost at Recruit Rooster and has been a leader in the space for over 12 years! She is a wife, mother to two children, Jesus-follower, creative mind, gear-head, and an ultimate multitasker. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and creating lasting memories with those that mean the most to her.

Spirit Animal: Monkey

Heather Hoffman

Chief Operations Officer

Seth is a math nerd who loves all things analytics. He is an avid fan of real wrestling and professional wrestling. Seth has an amazing wife Amber, two kids Aubrey and Russell, and two fat cats Marm and Mel. He has worked at DirectEmployers / Recruit Rooster from the moment he graduated from Wabash College 9+ years ago. He is customer obsessed and loves solving recruitment problems with technology.

Spirit Animal: Worker Ant

Seth Flater

Director of Sales Engineering

Based in NYC, Jim develops flexible career sites by gathering the intended vision from a collection of ideas of each employer. With an acute sense of organization and agile forepaws, raccoons are highly independent and somewhat solitary creatures, which is why developing websites for large corporations is such a fit. At night, he can be seen foraging for food or listening to music in the shadows of his den.

Spirit Animal: Raccoon

Jim Brown

Director of Web Design

Drew is our video and photo guy. He graduated from Wabash College in 2011 where he studied Philosophy and Art. Drew lives in Michigan with his family and enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, golfing, and critiquing your favorite movie/show.

Spirit Animal: Bird of Paradise

Drew Palmer

Creative Director

After graduating from Wabash College with a double major in Spanish and Psychology, Steven took the opportunity to visit family in Greece. Two and a half months later, Steven returned to the states with an enthusiasm to start his career (and a Rottweiler puppy) and he’s been with DirectEmployers / Recruit Rooster ever since. Steven spends most of his time with his “girls” – his wife Danielle and their dog Alpha – but is also an avid tech enthusiast and enjoys photography in his spare time.

Spirit Animal: Hippo

Steven Apostolidis

Senior Sales Engineer

Ruth enjoys writing, playing music, and drinking margaritas. On a warm summer day, you may find her strumming her guitar with a cool drink…and quite possibly a sombrero.

Spirit Animal: Quokka

Ruth Toombs

Sales Manager

Chad is responsible for building and updating our customer career sites. He graduated from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, where he majored in New Media and has been with DirectEmployers / Recruit Rooster since 2014. Obsessed with all things music and auto racing, when he’s not building websites (headphones on, of course), you can probably find him playing guitar, at a concert, or at a race track.

Spirit Animal: Chameleon

Chad Clark

Senior Web Designer

Sierra has been with DirectEmployers / Recruit Rooster since graduating from Ball State University with a degree in PR + Digital Media in 2016. She works on all of our social media pages, blog, and newsletter as a part of the Recruit Rooster marketing team. Her two dogs, Luke and Leia, take up most of her free time, but she also runs a local food, drink, & lifestyle blog. Sierra loves trying out new spots all around the city!

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Sierra Sieracki

Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

Chief Sarcasm Officer with 12 years of experience in the digital recruiting industry. Neil is a father of a precocious, yet sometimes contentious pre-teen daughter. He is also an avid sports fan (IU, Cubs, Notre Dame, Colts) and a 5K runner.

Spirit Animal: Bald Eagle

Neil Donovan

Key Account Executive

Jordan is a graduate of Hanover College where she studied Art & Design and Business. She enjoys visiting museums, eating ice cream, and re-watching Parks and Rec in her free time. She and her husband also enjoy traveling, fishing, and hiking with their dogs Moo Moo and Griswold. At Recruit Rooster, Jordan works with our creative team on videos, photos, social media, and design.

Spirit Animal: Golden Retriever


Jordan Hester

Creative Coordinator

A former Naval Helicopter Aircrewman and Rescue Swimmer, Rob has a tendency to over use hand gestures, specifically finger guns. He comes to Recruit Rooster with prior experience selling recruitment marketing solutions and is ultra-passionate about veteran recruitment and military transition. He is proudly from the great state of New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and daughter Avery. In his spare time, you will find him surfing, playing golf, or watching/reading about his beloved New York Giants/Mets.

Spirit Animal: Bear

Rob Cox

Key Account Executive

My name is Zarif Rahat and I am based in NYC. I am a software engineer with a background in Biology. I love conquering complex problems, creating, collaborating, and constantly learning. Apart from programming, I am passionate about absorbing all the amazing stories told through classical literature, fantasy, science fiction, animation, and films. These inspire me to create stories of my own. My other obsessions include basketball, weightlifting, martial arts, and doting on my little tuxedo cat.

Spirit animal: Cat

Zarif Rahat

Front-End Developer

A 2022 IU Bloomington student with focuses in anthropology and business management, Elliott now works on the Recruit Rooster sales team. Beyond work, he spends much of his time backpacking, hiking, and playing music with friends. On the average weekend, you can often find him exploring Bloomington and Indianapolis areas.



Spirit Animal: Otter

Elliott obermaier

Sales Associate

Roger Rooster works hard to keep our team on their toes! You can usually spot him in our company videos, spreading magic and joy wherever he goes. Roger is an expert in Human Resources and creative collaboration. In his free time, he enjoys early mornings, hanging out with his flock, and crowing about our team. 

Spirit Animal: Rooster

Roger Rooster

Company Mascot

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