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Why does your business still struggle to fill positions when there are so many qualified candidates who can’t find work? 

It’s because the current system is overgrown with complication. For employers, applicant tracking systems are a mess, online job boards are stuck in 2005, and HR departments are way overworked. Meanwhile, job-seekers contend with cumbersome online portals, job postings that aren’t optimized for search, and tedious online application processes. 

Taken together, the systems we have now create a dense thicket of bureaucracy and confusion that’s preventing you from finding the best candidates for your company. You need someone who can cut through the nonsense, remove the obstacles, and show you a better path forward.

 In short? You need us.

We’re a new team of creatives, recruiters, and marketers from DirectEmployers, the pioneer in federal contractor compliance and recruitment marketing. And like DirectEmployers, we can still help you find the minority, military, and other specialized candidates you need to reach your hiring benchmarks. But when you work with our team, you get a whole new suite of services.

We’ll help you develop the web presence you need to appeal to the people you’re trying to reach. That means streamlining your applicant tracking systems, improving your SEO, and building a better careers page. But it also means providing you with custom creative services like great content, attractive video, and original photography that showcases your business at its best to attract the right candidates.

 We work as a part of your company to create a direct path to those individuals most qualified to fill your positions. We work fast, lean, and dependably—and we stay in your budget. And because we’re not a big, bureaucratic organization, when you’ve got a problem we’ll answer the phone and fix it. The result is better marketing to better candidates, without all the nonsense you’re used to.

 Because there is a path forward to finding the best people. You just need someone who can blaze the trail. You need Recruit Rooster.

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