Recruit Rooster partners with Google Cloud Talent Solution to enhance and understand the intent of candidates while they search for jobs.
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Transform your job search and candidate matching capabilities with Google Talent Job Search. Designed to support enterprise talent acquisition technology and evolve with your company’s growing needs, this AI solution offers features such as commute search and recognizes industry jargon. Together, Recruit Rooster and Google Talent Job Search provide candidates and employers with an enhanced talent acquisition experience.

Automatic Spelling Correction
Automatically identifies and fixes spelling errors, even when search terms are industry jargon, job titles, or acronyms, ensuring that all relevant jobs are returned.

Consideration of Appropriate Levels of Seniority
Detects the desired seniority in a search query and aligns the roles returned appropriately, ensuring that roles that are far too junior or senior are not incorrectly matched.

Focus on Relevant Jobs
Recognizes when searches can have multiple interpretations and variations, matching on the concept to include the most relevant results.

Company Jargon Recognition
Understands common and uncommon industry jargon, slang, and shorthand often used by employers in job listings and by job searchers.

Recognize Industry Abbreviations
Automatically detects acronyms and returns related occupations while keyword search can only return direct keyword matches on the acronym itself.

Understand Real-World Locations
Identifies street addresses, neighborhoods, cities, zip-codes, states, and more places where jobs are found.

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