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As the unemployment rate continues to decline in the United States, businesses have to find ways to stand apart from the competition. The candidate experience is essential to attracting top talent. If candidates have a positive experience during the recruiting process, they’re more likely to accept a job offer.

To help attract and engage candidates that are passively looking for a new position, you should consider starting a talent community. Leveraging your talent community will help you find candidates who are eager to join your organization.

How else can a talent community improve recruiting solutions? Read on to find out!

1. Find Candidates Faster

If you want to find candidates quickly, a talent community can be a powerful tool. The biggest challenge in recruiting is finding candidates in the right time frame.

With a talent community, you can proactively reach out to your network of potential candidates when a role opens up. The fast approach is a nice alternative to starting from scratch each time you need to fill a position.

2. Less $$$ Spent on Advertising

By adding qualified candidates to your talent community and increasing your talent pipeline over time, you can become less dependent on advertising your open positions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, rather than posting a job and spending a large sum on advertising the role, you could easily and quickly source qualified candidates from your talent community?

3. Rise to the Top of the List

A talent community allows you to nurture your relationships with potential candidates. When they’re ready to make a move, your company is the first one they think of.

Even if your company isn’t actively hiring, staying in touch with talented individuals can pay off down the road. By keeping your brand at the forefront of the candidate’s mind, you’ll be better positioned to recruit them when the time comes.

4. Creatively Recruit Employees

To stand out in today’s competitive job market, you need to get creative with your recruiting strategy. A talent community can help you do just that. With a tool like Recruit Rooster’s Talent Community, you can engage individuals by sending uniquely branded and designed emails directly through the platform.

In addition, a talent community can be a great tool for discovering what candidates are looking for in an employer. By talking with your pipeline of interested candidates, you can gather information to improve your overall recruiting strategy and employer brand.

Increase applicant flow and decrease cost to hire with Recruit Rooster's talent community


Start Your Talent Community

A talent community is one of the most effective ways to find candidates you can be excited about. Here at Recruit Rooster, we understand how hard it can be for companies to fill positions. A lot of the applicant tracking systems out there are complex and frustrating, and online job boards couldn’t be more outdated!

Let us help you cut through the nonsense and pave a clear path forward. We can help you find all sorts of specialized candidates, so you’ll reach your hiring benchmarks. 

Have questions? Want a demo? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to help!