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Talk to sales: Ruth Toombs

Hi, I’m Ruth, and I love Dachshunds and helping companies stand out with unmatched recruitment marketing technology!

Recruit Rooster's recruitment innovation team, Ruth Toombs

Meet our family of brands:
20 years of building better technology together.

Recruit Rooster, RocketBuild, and DirectEmployers Associations team photo at the baseball park
Recruit Rooster logo

At Recruit Rooster, we excel at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital recruitment by delivering the best technology solutions.

DirectEmployers Association logo

DirectEmployers is a nonprofit professional consortium with over 1,000 members, many in the Fortune 500 space.

RocketBuild logo - custom software, web and mobile applications

RocketBuild is our full stack development team that works alongside our companies and clients to build mobile apps, cloud-based products, and integrations.

Talent teams need powerful, flexible, easy-to-use products and solutions.

We offer services and solutions that help you with employer brand design, candidate experience, career sites, talent pipelines, and diversity recruiting. Whether you’re looking to reshape your EVP, define a new recruitment marketing strategy, effectively communicate with candidates, or build new talent pools, we can partner with you.

Career sites

With unmatched flexibility, customization, and advanced tools, our career sites go above and beyond to represent your brand and attract top talent.

Recruitment marketing and career site services

Talent Engage

Recruit, engage & nurture the passive candidate with the only compliance-focused talent network software on the market.

Recruit Rooster's Talent Engage Recruitment Marketing Software

Diversity recruiting

Improve your reach to a vibrant, diverse audience like LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities (IWDs), veterans, military spouses and more.

Diversity recruiting services at Recruit Rooster

Authentic employer brand creative

Refresh your career site and candidate experience with custom employer brand content like images, videos, employee testimonials, drone footage, and more – telling a compelling brand story that attracts top talent.

Authentic employer brand creative services by Recruit Rooster

We empower TA teams with the services and technology they need to attract and engage the best talent.

Chicken Salad Chick career site by Recruit Rooster

Custom career sites to build your employer brand and recruit top talent

Our career sites help you show off the best parts of your employee value proposition, communicate your company values, tell employee stories, host open positions, and so much more!

Mobile-friendly and responsive

Responsive career site example for Frontdoor by Recruit Rooster

Accessible to all

Career site accessibility audit and consultation tool

Advanced analytics and search visibility

Career site analytics overview dashboard

Our best-in-class career sites are fully customizable

Recruit Rooster Google Talent job search

Google talent job search

  • Match candidates to jobs faster
  • Helps with hidden keywords, abbreviations, jargon & more
  • Machine learning centric
Recruit Rooster's similar jobs recommendation tool

Similar jobs widget

  • More relevant positions in front of job seekers
  • Displays jobs quickly and seamlessly
Recruit Rooster's job locator map tool

Interactive jobs map

  • Job seekers can visualize open positions within your company on a map
  • Candidates easily sort by desired location and find jobs instantly
Recruitment event calendar career site feature

Events calendar

  • Organize recruitment events
  • Allows job seekers the opportunity to register prior the event
Recruit Rooster's Talent Engage recruitment marketing software

Increase your applicants and decrease your cost to hire with compliance in mind

The only recruitment marketing technology built with compliance in mind — our Talent Engage software provides compliance alerts and a library of resources to assist in navigating complex regulations.

Multi-channel digital recruitment marketing

Grow your talent pipeline

  • Increase your applicant flow
  • Capture job seekers through custom forms on your career site
  • Organize candidate profile data
  • Tailored job seeker campaigns
Talent Community CRM candidate segmentation

Marketing automation

  • Schedule routine tasks giving you valuable time back in your day
  • Automate emails and text messaging campaigns

Show prospective employees what makes your company great with employer brand content that makes your company stand out.

Video still for Unilever's employer brand recruitment marketing video
Video still for American Heart Association's employer brand recruitment marketing video

Videos on career sites have 41% more traffic from searches.

Video also drives organic traffic by up to 157%.

Video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.

  • Premium employer brand content
  • Employee testimonial video
  • Interactive video
  • Career site content
  • DEI content
  • Day in the life video
  • Communicating workplace culture
  • Content for candidate nurture campaigns
  • Core values content
  • Social recruiting content
  • Drone footage
  • Professional photography
Talent Attract Video

Create your own compelling employee testimonial videos

  • No more boring stock photography – create your own authentic videos
  • People anywhere, anytime can access, create, and collaborate!
  • Helps remote workers easily show off their work environment
  • Seamless employer branding across all channels – career site, job description pages, career fairs, talent community messaging, social channels like LI & IG, campaigns, etc
Employee testimonial videos

1) Download the app

Our platform is user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

2) Record videos

Capture authentic videos on your own.

3) Edit with Pros

Our team will edit and enhance your videos.

4) Start sharing

Easily share your videos across multiple platforms.

DEI recruitment marketing solutions, DEI careers landing page example

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Inclusive candidate experience

Represent an inclusive employer brand in your recruitment marketing by sharing authentic stories of impact and shaping inclusive messaging and creative content.


Expand your disability reach and show your commitment to incorporating individuals with disabilities (IWD) into your workplace by developing a career site for people with vision or language barriers.

Recruit Rooster Veteran Crosswalk 2.0 infographic

Increase your veteran/military hiring initiatives with our targeted recruitment tools.

Recruit Rooster Military Occupation Code Military Skills Translator career site example

Military Crosswalk 2.0

Help transitioning veterans align their skills to your open positions with O*Net based technology.

Base locator

Assist veterans & military spouses by showing your open positions near military installations.

Recruit Rooster accessibility tool

70% of approximately 4 million working age adults with visual impairments are unemployed.

Audit reports

Using 9 different tools, we audit your entire career site for WCAG 2.1 deficiencies and provide detailed reporting.

Consultation services

Additionally, we provide consultation on where your accessibility experience may be falling short.

How we work

Sometimes having all the right tools and technology isn't enough. You need a true strategic and creative partner to help you reach your goals.

We embrace innovation.

We’re always up for a challenge and available to help with new technology, and you can problem solve with our product support team. Reach real, live software experts whenever you need assistance.


We form strong, collaborative partnerships.

Regardless of company size or industry, project scale or complexity, we’re here to support the unique challenges and needs of your company.


We offer unmatched flexibility and cost effective pricing.

We don’t operate with a one-size-fits-all playbook. We tailor our approach to what makes the most sense for you. When it comes to pricing, there are no surprises and what you see is what you get.


We’re attentive and responsive communicators and consultants.

We’re on your team; no one else in the industry shows the level of dedication to our clients’ success that we do. Lean on the Rooster team to help assist with any challenge that comes your way.


We work with employers – both large and small – across every major industry sector. Our clients include large technology companies such as Siemens, Dell, and Frontdoor; transportation corporations like Boeing, Ryder, and Penske; established businesses, including Cummins, Unilever, and MasterCard; and healthcare organizations such as The American Red Cross, American Heart Association, and Bausch & Lomb.

Get started with Recruit Rooster

If you have ideas for your employer brand, career site, technology, or creative content, let’s work together to deliver the best, most accessible, most inclusive candidate experience.

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