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We’re excited to announce our two-way text messaging feature now available in the Recruit Rooster Talent Community CRM. Now, your team can utilize their own mobile devices or the app on their computer to conduct text conversations with candidates. And, all threads will be logged and tracked within the app for easy reference.

Message anywhere, anytime

Just as within Talent Community CRM, you can also exchange messages on your phone with job seekers in your talent pipeline. If you’re on the move, new messages will reach you in real-time. This new way to communicate with your pool of potential candidates will increase engagement and make recruiting easier.

Connect in real-time

Text recruitment allows you to connect with candidates in real-time. Text messaging engagement is unmatched with response rates that are much higher and faster than other methods of communication.

Personalize the candidate experience

Utilize candidate profile data within Talent Community CRM to customize and personalize your messages to candidates. Deliver relevant jobs, news, and company information via SMS.

Text recruitment at scale

Generate text templates within Talent Community CRM to deploy at scale. As candidates respond, spin off your reply into a two-way conversation.

Notification alerts

While utilizing Talent Community CRM, you’ll be notified of candidates responses with notification alerts. Then, you can quickly jump into a candidate’s profile and shoot them a message.

Person holding phone with text bubble saying "what are your company benefits? Do you offer the option to work remotely?

Talent Community CRM is built for the unique needs of Talent Acquisition Teams, and text recruitment allows you to connect with top talent when and where they’re most likely to respond — their mobile device.

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