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For Immediate Release — INDIANAPOLIS, February 7, 2023
Recruit Rooster, a leading provider of talent acquisition technology and solutions, has recently announced a suite of new recruitment solutions, including a new website that reflects their comprehensive approach to serving companies’ recruitment marketing needs.

Since 2017, Recruit Rooster has assisted HR teams in building their employer brands, providing positive and seamless candidate experiences, and establishing and maintaining relationships with job seekers. Over the last few years, talent teams have had to pivot their strategy — adapting and adjusting to the new demands of remote work, as well as hiring freezes, layoffs, and then re-hiring. As these challenges have added constraints on the time and resources of talent teams, Recruit Rooster has developed and launched new technology to make the recruitment process easier, more efficient, and more effective.

Recruitment teams need the latest innovations and advanced technology to support their talent attraction goals and proactive pipeline building efforts. That’s why Recruit Rooster launched Talent Community Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM). Along with built in compliance tips and alerts, the CRM software allows talent acquisition professionals to provide an authentic and personalized candidate experience with content relevant to a job seeker’s interests, skills, and background. To further empower recruiters, they’ve recently unveiled innovative new product features, including:

  • Text engagement: easy-to-use text recruiting to engage with job seekers efficiently and effectively
  • Marketing automation: custom email and SMS campaigns that can be scheduled and sent to segmented lists of candidates
  • Talent profiles: robust candidate data that’s easy to search and categorize into talent pools and provides useful information for sending personalized communications
  • Data and insights: an analytics dashboard that provides teams with important information to help optimize and improve efforts

To learn more, view their new website at and discover the scalable solutions for employers small and large.

About Recruit Rooster
As a technology company, Recruit Rooster stands out by providing creative services, like custom video and content creation, as well as their suite of innovative products and career site solutions. They’ve delivered 1,000s of career sites for large-scale employers over 10+ years in business. Their award-winning creative team is recognized for producing outstanding employer brand campaigns and recruitment marketing videos. With innovative digital products that help People Teams succeed by reaching their hiring goals and diversity targets, they unify recruitment marketing strategy, creative, and technology to meet the challenges and demands facing HR leaders today.