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Did you know that nearly six million jobs were added within ten months last year? Job opportunities are abounding, but many companies have difficulty hiring. You can start building a talent pipeline and recruit future employees through a talent community. A strong talent community can eventually provide you with a large pool of candidates that fit your business’s needs. 

Luckily, we have put together three ways you can start building a community for your business, so keep reading for more information!


What Is a Talent Community?

Talent communities are pipeline recruiting solutions. They give employers a robust platform for engaging potential candidates. Leveraging a talent community benefits future candidates by giving them access to the latest job openings. It also helps them remain on a company’s radar.

Talent communities improve efficiency and save you money in the long term. It can help you promote your employer brand and engage interested candidates.

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1. Recruiting Passive Candidates

One of the best ways to start building a talent community is by capturing a passive candidate’s information through simple forms on your career site and landing pages.

Whether visitors are interested in a new job or not (or maybe they aren’t qualified yet), having opportunities to explore an interest in your organization facilitates more opportunities in the long run.

2. Engage Your Talent Community

The best way to engage your talent community is by regularly sending company updates or emails. Keep passive candidates engaged by the latest events, changes in job openings, or job requirements. 

Keep the content short but interesting. Even if a candidate decides to look elsewhere, a positive experience with a company can help promote your business.   

3. Recruit Employees from Your Talent Community

Lastly, when job openings arise, reach out to your talent community first. A talent community doesn’t do employers any good if they don’t use it, and you can risk losing interest if you don’t hire from that source. If you have future candidates who aren’t quite qualified for the job, consider reaching out to them. You can discuss the requirements needed or offer streamlined education services.

Starting Your Talent Community

Community building starts with recruiting technology solutions. You need a company that can offer a customized suite of products and services based on detailed analytics, creativity, cost, and accessibility. 

A talent community can help you find qualified candidates, reduce hiring times, and cost per hire. Ready to get started? 

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