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With the dog days of summer behind us (woof to sweltering temps in the 90s!), we’re looking forward to crisp fall weather and new projects in our queue–because after all, the new season offers the perfect opportunity to do something new, bold, and beautiful. Speaking of starting fresh, the Roosters recently helped long-time customers, the American Heart Association, rebrand their career site using creative content gathered on-site at their Dallas-based headquarters. Let’s get down to the heart of the project and learn how Recruit Rooster’s creative crew curated authentic content and filmed not one, but two, videos that added flare to their recruitment marketing efforts and growing career site.

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Big Hearts, Even Bigger Hiring Challenges

American Heart Association: What Do I Do?For the past three years, Recruit Rooster has continued to develop and support the American Heart Association’s career site and made strides to illuminate their bold employer branding. Even with a great career site, one roadblock that the American Heart Association continued to run up against was the misconception that their jobs were centered around volunteer or fundraising positions. This ultimately impacted their ability to reach the technology and business-focused job seekers they were hoping to attract. Upon hearing their concerns, our feathery flock got to work coming up with creative solutions that would not only provide authentic imagery and heartwarming employee testimonials, but also bold statements that spoke to the heart of what the American Heart Association employees are all about.


Solutions and Heartwarming Storytelling

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Video is quickly becoming an essential feature of a corporate career site for its ability to engage audiences and convert static content into a story, and storytelling is where our creative crew shines. The Rooster creatives hatched a plan to go on-site for a week (pre-pandemic, of course!), gather footage, and create two videos: one that brought to life a static piece of content already in use, and the other focusing on employee advocacy and an emotional connection to the work the American Heart Association prides itself on. After storyboarding their ideas and casting staffers for their prospective video roles, the Roosters set off for the Lone Star State. They spent the first two days on-site gathering b-roll footage and photographs of the headquarters. With ten people cast for the first, commercial-style video, the crew spent the third day working on logistics, coordinating the staffers chosen for various roles, and filming the full-motion video now seen on the career site. Next up, they captured Arlene’s story, a personal employee testimonial that tied her passion for heart health into her daily career. Additional employee testimonials were then filmed to be used for future recruitment marketing videos in the works. The Roosters returned victorious, knowing the footage shot would get hearts pumping and lend authenticity and a memorable candidate experience to the American Heart Association’s career site.

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Hearty Results

With feathers flying, the Roosters combed through hours of footage to create videos titled, What Do I Do at American Heart Association? and Arlene’s Story–now seen live on the homepage of their career site. Since video content is more easily consumed by job seekers, the recruitment videos have also been strategically placed in the job search results and within each job listing for added emphasis and further illustration of the organization’s fun, passionate, and upbeat culture. This placement allows recruiters to capture a candidate’s attention and evoke a more profound emotional tie to the business, which ultimately leads to better candidate engagement and additional application clicks. Since incorporating the videos on the career site at the tail-end of August, they have been clicked on 170 times collectively on the career site. The videos were also featured on the AHA YouTube channel, which has garnered 153 additional views for the What Do I Do at American Heart Association? video and 141 views for Arlene’s Story. Going above and beyond as always, the Roosters provided two short versions of these videos to be used on The AHA Life page on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. In addition to their creative video work, the team delivered over 100 unique images that further capture the AHA employer brand. W-O-W!

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Countless hours were spent planning and preparing for this project, and our Roosters were thrilled to do the work producing these creative videos that will continue to boost candidate engagement day in, day out. As you can see, recruitment videos help employers holistically engage with potential candidates and help cultivate an interest in what you do, how you do it, and what they can do to be a part of your mission. If better candidate engagement is your goal, the Recruit Rooster team can up your ‘wow’ factor and deliver the recruitment videos that make candidates feel like they need to be a part of your business. Don’t be shy! Reach out to our team, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to slide this project proposal right into your 2021 budget. Visit to learn more!