With Thanksgiving looming ahead at the end of the month, the Roosters worked fervently to get a new group of career sites updated and launched, but tensions were high as thousands of fellow fowl headed to the freezer section. Thankfully (pun intended), the Roosters made it through, and a new group of employers were left with shiny new career sites to improve their candidate experience, display their awesome corporate cultures, and attract the talent pool they were seeking. Let’s take a look at the new sites that were hatched, fresh from the roost, in November!

Provider Solutions + Development

The rebranded Provider Solutions & Development career site has a strong focus on what their HR team does best: job matching. With clean imagery and a static job search functionality at the top of the page, the bulk of the content is centered on making the job seeker feel like they truly care about their career goals, and are dedicated to placing them in the right career. This career site also incorporates two new pieces of functionality: the location services info, which shows a snippet of the job description below each job, and the similar jobs widget, which displays jobs similar to the one a job seeker is looking at, when having clicked on a specific opening. Looking good, PS&D!


The Devereux job search rebrand takes a simple page and makes it fully functional for job seekers interested in their career opportunities. Clearly displaying their dedication to diversity through imagery and content, the page continues on to provide information for employee applicants, returning applicants, the Devereux talent network, benefits, culture, career fair events, and engaging videos of employee testimonials. The page also features the latest jobs widget which displays the most recently added openings that may be of interest. Very nice, Devereux­–we hope you love your rebrand as much as we do!


When you have locations in so many different cities and states, it can be overwhelming for job seekers to find the openings in their specific city. That’s why Burlington decided to incorporate the new radius search feature on the Burlington jobs page. This feature adds addresses to each opening, and gives job seekers the option to sort by distance, or miles away, and includes location detection, which shows the location on Google Maps. How cool! We hope this helps take your candidate experience to the next level, Burlington!

HD Supply

When HD Supply heard about the new similar jobs widget recently launched by Recruit Rooster, they knew they needed it on their HD Supply career site! As mentioned above, the similar jobs widget associates similar openings and displays them in a list as “other jobs you might like” at the bottom of a particular job description page, as seen in the image above. This helps potential candidates discover additional openings they may not have otherwise seen. What a great addition to your already great career site, HD Supply!


See what the Roosters were thankful for in this fun Thanksgiving video and be sure to reach out to the team to see how they can help you improve your employer branding, candidate experience, or even web accessibility! We’ll see you back here next month for a new collection of career sites, launched fresh from the roost!

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