From figuring out how to start a video call, to setting up a makeshift desk out of the kitchen table, we know many of you are trying to navigate working remotely for the first time. We get it. The kids are home from school, pets are being needy, and you’re probably wondering if it’s even necessary to change out of your pj’s. Well, Recruit Rooster is here to help!

Recruit Rooster and DirectEmployers updated their internal processes over the past three years, and we have built ourselves to be flexible and agile, allowing our staff the opportunity to work from home throughout the week. Recognizing the need for social distancing, our entire team is currently working remote for the time being.

After two weeks of working from home, we’ve enlisted our team to share some helpful tips, tricks, and things that we have learned!

“Make sure you keep a spray bottle near your desk to deter pets, spouses and small children from interrupting you throughout the day.”

– Drew Palmer

“I have learned that I can be more productive when my kids are on a schedule.”

– Heather Hoffman

“If your significant other is also working from home, make sure you both know when the other will be on a video call, so they don’t walk by the camera in their pajamas eating breakfast.”

– Jordan Hartman

“I’ve learned that my dogs are under the impression that I’m just here to play with them, and I highly recommend hiding their squeaky toys during conference calls.”

– Sierra Jackson

“Take advantage of every opportunity to connect with friends, family, and coworkers – just because you can’t get lunch together doesn’t mean you can’t have lunch together.”
– Steven Apostolidis

“My best tip would be to have a dedicated work space at home if possible. It helps keep you in ‘work mode’ throughout the day, and at the end of the day you can leave your ‘work area’ to relax. Sort of like leaving the office at the end of the day to do the same.”
– Chad Clark

“Take time to get fresh air, even if you’re simply working on the porch.”

– Jessica Johnson

“If you have pets, break the monotony by calling them your coworkers. That way when they distract you or you need a scape-goat, you can blame it on your coworkers. ‘My coworkers just won’t stop yapping.’ Or ‘My coworker can’t help but be lazy or keeps stealing my lunch.’ Or the best one. ‘Sorry I am late. I had to clean up the mess my coworker keeps leaving everywhere!”
– Ben Marlowe

“I’ve learned that when I work from home I can let my inner mountain man out and let the beard take over.”
– Seth Flater

“I’ve learned to turn off my video when on a conference call if I have to use the bathroom :D”
– Ruth Toombs

“While working from home, I’ve learned my dog always wants me to throw the ball. Never satisfied. So, I must shut the door.”
– Daniel Poynter

“Teenagers really do still sleep until noon, even during a pandemic. Also, I am now accepting calls.”
– Neil Donovan

“Maintain the same work schedule you had while working in the office and continue to dress appropriately.”
– Jim Brown

We hope you found all of these tips and tricks useful! We also put together a “Working From Home BINGO” card below to let you know that everything you’re experiencing is normal. Good luck on your journey with working from home! 

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