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It’s time to take a trip down memory lane! Each year our team puts together our annual holiday card video, and in case you haven’t noticed, we like to get pretty creative with them. Making creative videos is what we do best, after all.

2018: The Office Christmas Parody


Fans of The Office will definitely enjoy 2018’s video! Our team put together a parody full of classic holiday moments that happen at any office. If you enjoy this one, make sure you check out our April Fools video also.

2019: Rooster Holiday Magic


Roger Rooster showed off his holiday magic skills in 2019’s video. We managed to fit in all the festive activities including decorating the tree, wrapping presents, making snowflakes, and even decorating cookies!

2020: Holiday Magic At Home


Filming our annual holiday video in 2020 was definitely a little different, but our team worked with what we had to keep the rooster holiday magic going! Check it out to see what we mean.


Tune in to our social media pages to see what our team put together this year! Hint: It involves the first-ever Rooster’s Kitchen Holiday Bake Off. Who do you think will win?