Employer branding and well-executed recruitment marketing can help you tell your diversity and inclusion story and speak to job seekers without interacting one-on-one. How, you ask? Well, for starters: your career site is your online voice and first impression for job seekers. Long before the social justice movement of 2020, Recruit Rooster has been assisting employers in digitizing their D&I efforts and illustrating inclusivity in their workplaces by using custom imagery, employee testimonials, and more to paint a picture of equity and belonging. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at ten clients who’ve prioritized D&I to aid in their recruitment efforts.

Alaska Air

Right out of the gate, Alaska Airlines depicts unity and belonging with a bold statement “Stronger Together” and an image of staffers banding together holding signs saying, “Sky’s the limit!” The organization also has a supplemental message detailing the strength of diversity, further fueling their drive for an inclusive environment. If that wasn’t enough, they also show their commitment to diversity and the number of Business Resource Groups (BRGs) they have, ranging from AAG Pan-Asian to LGBTQ+, Pacific Islander, and more! The career site continues on to promote how employees advocate for accessibility and the gender parity of their board of directors.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://alaskaair.jobs/our-people/diversity-inclusion.

Phillips 66

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, long-time client Phillips 66 knows how to illustrate its dedication to diversity and inclusion. Chairman and CEO Greg Garland commented, “Inclusion and Diversity is essential to who we are, what we believe, and how we do business at Phillips 66…We are committed to employing a diverse workforce that can deliver exceptional performance on a sustainable basis.” Along with this powerful quote, the organization begins their career site with an “Inclusion Means” campaign capturing what an inclusive culture means to them at Phillips 66 – hitting the mark with actual testimonials from staffers and an amazing video:

Experience the full career site by visiting https://phillips66.jobs/inclusion-diversity.

Los Alamos National Laboratories

Los Alamos National Laboratories focuses its diversity and inclusion efforts toward its future, recruiting over 1,500 students into its workforce each year. The incredibly diverse student population embodies the company’s commitment to inclusive hiring and enhancing its diversity and talent throughout STEM fields at the Laboratory – all illustrated through their career site imagery.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://diversity.lanl.jobs.


Cleverly playing off the letter U, USP encourages candidates to “Be YOU at USP” and promotes its diversity and inclusion efforts as intentional and designed to create a sense of true belonging where all team members and volunteers are empowered to be their authentic selves. As job seekers scroll down, they see a graph showing the percentage of women in science/lab jobs, minorities, women, and staff at global locations to help visually demonstrate their mission. USP also provides a strong employee testimonial to complete their career site, detailing the cultural diversification and learning opportunities offered while working there.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://usp.jobs/diversity-inclusion-belonging.


Bold statements are powerful and incredibly persuasive, and Swedish starts strong from the second you enter their diversity site by affirming their desire for inclusion with the powerful statement, “Shape Our Future Workforce.” Along with a quote from its CHRO on eradicating systemic racism, Swedish speaks directly to candidates stating the need for change, the tie between diversity, hiring, and promotions, and finally, the inclusive workforce they are seeking to achieve. Finally, the organization shows its commitment to community and partnership in the Seattle area to address homelessness, food insecurity, violence, and more – further solidifying its mission of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://diversity.swedish.jobs.


BASF has uniquely positioned itself to job seekers by prominently displaying #BelongAtBASF as part of their header image and supporting it with a quote from their CEO and Chairman Wayne T. Smith illustrating this alignment between HR goals and corporate leadership. To further supplement diversity and inclusion as cornerstones of the organization, BASF demonstrates its many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which support African Americans, Asians, LGBTQ and allies, individuals with visible and invisible disabilities, veterans, women, and more. To add further proof of their commitment and promote their brand as truly inclusive, BASF proudly displays the many awards they have won for their diverse and inclusive practices.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://diversity.basf.us.


Astellas believes that the unique experiences of its employees bring value to the organization in many ways. They believe that inclusive workplaces create culturally competent solutions for all and readily explain how diversity and inclusion positively impact the organization. With employee testimonials offering an authentic view to job seekers, Astellas opted to include a video that captures the meaning of their efforts via the “We Are One” campaign and #MyAstellasWay. To add further insight, the organization features stories to promote varying cultural elements of inclusion, including working mothers, veterans, and LGBTQ equality.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://astellascareers.jobs/diversity.


C&S dives in from the start to show that diversity and inclusion are central to its operations and that an inclusive workplace empowers all to create a better business outcome. This page illustrates imagery of workplace diversity, a nod to employee voices, and even shows commitment to the efforts through its Diversity and Inclusion Council, which is comprised of employees throughout C&S.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://weselectthebest.com/diversity.


From the top-down, ONE Gas has positioned itself as both diverse and inclusive with imagery of staffers in varying careers throughout the company, beginning to build rapport with job seekers and visually portraying ONE Gas as a workplace open and welcoming to all individuals. ONE Gas shows its “Why” by stating, “…We know that each employee brings their own unique background, thoughts, perspectives, and culture to our company every day when they come to work. We welcome these different backgrounds, thoughts, perspectives, and cultures because we recognize they foster a stronger company and create a positive experience for customers and employees alike.” Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are also highlighted to show the company’s dedication to providing a voice for its employees.

Experience the entire career site by visiting https://onegas.jobs/inclusion-diversity.

Employee testimonials, authentic images, recruitment videos, content, and statements of support from leadership help create an emotional connection with job seekers and go a long way to show your employer brand and commitment to inclusivity, but it’s just a starting point. Think of your career site as a storefront for job seekers window shopping for new careers. Once they enter, or in HR terms, “become employees”, you need to support growth and cultivate a space for belonging and understanding to retain top talent and continue building upon your efforts.

Gather ideas for a career site refresh from the Recruit Rooster team! They can provide best practices, guidance, and support throughout the entire process to ensure you receive the exact career site you envision.

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