When it comes to hatching plans, our Recruit Rooster team crosses their T’s and pecks their I’s. From planning and conception to development and implementation, our team was cooped up with a busy workload in February. The result? Some pretty amazing looking career sites, bold enough to crow about! Check out how they flexed their recruitment marketing wings last month.

Idex Corporation

View the freshly branded career site by visiting: https://idexcorporation.jobs.

Operating with over 7,000 employees and manufacturing operations in more than 20 countries, the brand name Idex Corporation might not sound familiar, but it’s likely you are familiar with its 1,000’s of products that are mission-critical components of everyday life. The company represents a different kind of company. As such, they needed a different type of career site that would encompass their solid brand, and actively capture the attention of job seekers. The Roosters were able to deliver a career site that met their needs and surpassed their overall branding goals by incorporating a robust job search, a jobs map that allows job seekers to view by specific location, and finally a career area offering a segmented view of career paths available.

Iron Mountain

Discover the new Iron Mountain career site that has our Rooster crowing by visiting https://ironmountain.jobs.

Iron Mountain prides itself on its ability to store, protect and manage information and assets around the globe, and to do so, they need quality hires to operate their facilities. Our Roosters were up for the job of helping them transform their career site’s user experience and help boost their recruitment marketing efforts. Their efforts resulted in a bold new header that displayed the vast array of career opportunities, front and center job search functionality, and an oversized jobs map for quick at-a-glance job searches.


View Cepheid’s new career site by visiting https://cepheid.jobs.

Cepheid is committed to delivering a better way to improve patient outcomes, and when it comes to their career site, they want to provide nothing less than spectacular. As such, the feathers flew as the Roosters feverishly churned out a career site that coupled Cepheid’s vision and recruitment strategy into one cohesively branded career site. For Cepheid, the job search functionality is front and center and career areas within the company are laid out is simple to access categories.


Check out Kellogg’s veteran site and crosswalk tool by visiting https://kellogg-veterans.jobs.

Kellogg’s is a beloved household brand that has shaped its industry through a passion for people and the goodness of food. Their adoration of people extends fully to military veterans and servicemembers, and they wanted to convey that gratitude by displaying to veterans the significant role they play within the organization. As such, the Roosters helped Kellogg reshape a career site that offers veterans and servicemembers the ability to translate their military codes to the positions open with the organization.

Camping World Crosswalk

See Camping World’s commitment to veteran hiring by visiting https://www.campingworldcareers.com/military-hiring/military-skills-translator.aspx.

Veterans and military spouses bring a unique skill set and perspective to the Camping World organization, and to make the job search simpler, the Roosters got to work creating a career site geared explicitly toward veterans that provided fast job searches that match with their individual military codes.

Camping World Military Base Search

See how Camping World took veteran and military spouse hiring to the next level with a military base job search by visiting https://www.campingworldcareers.com/military-hiring/military-base-search.aspx.

Northrop Grumman

See Northrop Grumman’s new veteran recruitment solution by visiting https://northropgrumman-veterans.jobs.

Tradesmen Sales


View the new sales recruitment platform put in place for Tradesmen International by visiting https://tradesmen-sales.jobs.

Leading construction firms rely on Tradesmen International for craft professional staffing and labor-cost containment solutions, and with nearly 200 offices nationwide, Tradesmen International is growing rapidly and needs sales representatives and labor consultants to fill their open positions. They turned to the Roosters to help them develop a featured career site that targeted sales professionals and the team delivered tenfold. Now, Tradesmen International has a branded career site that captures its branding and the career path and perks available for these individuals

The Recruit Roosters flexed their wings this month and produced many golden eggs to add to their portfolio. These sites represent just a fraction of the branding power available with the bold career site experiences this team is capable of creating. If you’re ready to ruffle a few feathers with design, innovative technology, and creative experiences, our Roosters are just a call away. Check out their website and reach out to discover how they can help you achieve your recruitment marketing goals!

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