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Just like the fireworks on the 4th of July, the Recruit Rooster team knows how to explode onto the scene with visual delight and receive a myriad of oohs and aahs from the crowd. Another month has passed, but there’s been plenty of activity in our henhouse, from development to recruitment marketing planning sessions. This month, we’re highlighting how the Recruit Rooster team took one career site from a job page to an immersive experience, filled with bold images, visual movement, and plenty of branded sizzle – a firecracker if we do say so ourselves! Let’s dive in!

Career Site Blues

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana has one mission, to improve the health and lives of Louisianians, and a vision of serving as the statewide leader in offering access to affordable healthcare by enhancing the quality, value, and customer experience. To say it plainly, this crew is all about the people they serve – an incredibly noble mission! To do just that, they need a talented staff who support this mission and believe in maintaining the standards set forth, as well as to adopt the mindset of growth and innovation. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana set its sights on refining their career site to capture the essence of its employer brand, mission and provide job seekers with a destination for information and clarity.

Health Conscious Solutions

Just like the experience they provide their customers, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana wanted their career site to highlight their strengths and mission. In turn, they embarked on a career site journey that elevated their site from job search page to career site destination, taking careful time to consider the information a job seeker would be interested in learning. Diving into the new career site, job seekers are met with moving images of the grounds and headquarters and a recruitment marketing video discussing Blue Cross Blue Shield, its history, and footage of actual employee engagement and philanthropy. Not only do they reinforce their culture of connectedness by highlighting community involvement, but they also provide a look into the talent acquisition team that supports the organization – humanizing a process that can, at times, feel like you’re reaching out into the void. Continuing down the page, the organization talks about its hiring processes and the steps job seekers can expect, giving a transparent look into internal processes. Just when you think the page is complete, you find an expandable list of frequently asked questions that provide guidance to processes and/or answers to additional questions job seekers may have. Tying all themes together, job seekers can also find the many accolades and awards the organization has received, further illustrating the diverse and inclusive nature of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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But wait, there’s more! The power of employee testimonials lives on, and Blue Cross Blue Shield broke out the big guns by illustrating experiences from varying team members. From Total Rewards to Diversity & InclusionTransitioning Military, and College Internships, job seekers are met with experiences from staffers eager to welcome them into the fold, creating a friendly, humanized user experience. Think Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana is only hiring for health insurance? Think again. They offer job seekers the ability to see employment opportunities based upon specialties such as health services & clinical positions, information technology, analytics, customer care operations, and corporate jobs – or view all open positions.

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Rapid Results

Talk about branded brilliance and a career site with true pizzazz! The Recruit Rooster team truly hatched a golden egg with this site that will help with recruitment efforts for years to come. Interested in seeing what this crew can do for you? You say the word, and we’ll show you how we strut our stuff. From fully-customized career sites to updates and upgrades, we’re one blessed nest filled with talented creatives ready to hatch new ideas and concepts tailored just for you! Don’t be a chicken! Shoot us a request to chat or call (866) 268-6206 to start the conversation.