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Summer is officially here, and the Roosters are taking the heat in stride, continuing to launch colorful career sites worthy of much summer praise. From event calendars to veteran career sites, the Roosters are kicking off summer with complete (branded) style. Check out a sample of recruitment marketing projects they launched in June!

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Zovio: Events Calendar

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Zovio (formerly known as Bridgepoint Education) was ready for a fresh start and wanted their career site branding and recruitment efforts to depict the new company name, as well as its mission to provide personalized solutions for education. After strategizing with the team at Zovio, the Roosters made quick work of developing a career site that not only touted clean branding and a sleek user interface, but also a fully accessible design that provided numerous features compatible with assistive technology. With functionality that operates as a screen reader and the simple use of color and branding which limits color contrast issues, Zovio now has a fully branded career site accessible by all job seekers.

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C+S Wholesale: Veterans Site

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C&S has a mission to deliver the very best service to its customers, and in doing so, they’ve become the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S., and the lead supply chain company in the food industry. To stay ahead of the curve, C&S takes extra steps to find talent that helps them fulfill their mission, and one such hiring group they wanted to make a splash with was veterans. Known for their dedication, loyalty, and broad range of skills, veterans were the exact candidate they were seeking. Recruit Rooster was able to help them target their efforts into a career site that illustrated their dedication to the military community and further enhanced their brand as military-friendly.

By working closely with the Zovio and C&S Wholesales teams, Recruit Rooster flexed their feathery muscles to provide clients with cohesively branded career sites that align with their recruitment strategy and yearly goals. Take a peek at what Recruit Rooster could do for you by visiting From smaller, branded features to full-scale recruitment marketing overhauls, this team boasts a one-stop-shop for amplifying the appearance and clout of your career sites. Let’s discuss your next project and your recruitment goals–we’d love to chat! Schedule a short demo with the Recruit Rooster team to discover how you can add a bold element of branded excellence to your career site.

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