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May was a big month for our Roosters. From five career site launches to traveling to Naples, Florida for DirectEmployers 2019 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM19), it was full of wins! Each month we take a closer look at the projects being completed by this talented team, and each month we’re in awe of their work–and their customers are too! Let’s dive in to the latest and greatest career sites that launched fresh from the roost in May.

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If you were in attendance at DEAM19, you likely saw Grifols’ very own Mike Bazinet speak about their online recruitment strategy and how Recruit Rooster has been their secret weapon. The first thing you see when visiting their new site is an exciting recruitment video, placed boldly in the slider image at the top of the page. Just below the basic job search, you see compelling information on why you should want to work at Grifols, and some quick links leading to popular job searches such as corporate, management, and nursing, as well as jobs for veterans. Scrolling down further, job seekers will find a jobs map displaying job openings geographically, and below that are videos detailing the different roles that Grifols has available. What better way to showcase what it’s truly like to work at Grifols? Talk about an interactive career site!

See it in action:

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St. Joseph Health

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Many desire an employer that makes them feel welcome–and St. Joseph makes it their mission to do just that. Taking a different approach to their career site, their focus is on their core values, which are carried strongly throughout. At the top of the page you see a sentimental slogan and a video that captures the true heart of the organization and its employees. Just below the fold, job seekers can find quick links to search for jobs at individual locations, followed by a testimonial from an employee at each. The site looks great and after browsing it for only a few minutes, we truly see the heart of the St. Joseph work family!

Feel the love:

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Covenant Health

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Also part of St. Joseph Health, Covenant Health gets straight to the point with their new site: careers! Along with a list of the various types of positions available, an apply button is clearly placed at the top right corner, while a menu of other pertinent information can be found on the left. Below the job information, potential candidates will find the same heart-warming video proudly displayed on the St. Joseph Health site. What a great way to carry their vision, mission and brand consistently across the board!

See it for yourself:

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Providence St. Joseph Health

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As we’ve seen, St. Joseph Health’s online recruitment strategy includes a network of sites consistently reaching across their brand. The Providence St. Joseph Health website takes a simpler approach than the previous two, displaying crisp imagery at the top of the page with the career search tool immediately following. A list of select openings and filter options close out the page, keeping this site short and sweet.

Take a peek:

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Tradesmen International

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The best thing about Recruit Rooster career sites, is that there are always new features to add to spice things up! Tradesmen International decided to take advantage of this option and added a ‘featured careers’ area. Below a bold, visual statistic about internal promotions and information on their workforce, job seekers will find the ‘featured careers’ area, which provides quick links to microsites dedicated to that specific career type. This helps job seekers browse openings for an exact job, and eliminates the clutter of those they may not be interested in.

View the featured careers feature:

Wow! Another fantastic group of sites have flown the coop! Congrats to all these employers on their new sites, and to the Roosters for a job well done. Want to learn more about how Recruit Rooster can help you improve your online recruitment game? Visit their website and check back next month to see what else they’ve cooked up!

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