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Working from home, coupled with warm sunny days, has not stopped our Roosters from tackling projects, building recruitment marketing masterpieces, and launching sites for clients near and far. Speaking of projects–the Recruit Rooster team has spent countless hours creating career site excellence for their client, The Honey Baked Ham Co. Talk about “going ham” on a career site!  In November of 2019, we were proud to announce the site’s inaugural launch, but since that time, the site has taken off. We’re not sure if its general barnyard camaraderie or the whimsical elements of the site, but the Roosters knocked this career site design and branding over the fence and did their swine brethren proud! Let’s take a look!

The Honey Baked Ham Co.

One-Of-A-Kind Backstory

The Honey Baked Ham Co. is a nationwide treasure recognized for its iconic brand and delectable, one-of-a-kind hams. For many, this tasty treat is a holiday staple year-after-year! Due to the founder’s patented spiral-slicing process, The Honey Baked Ham Co. has become recognized as the centerpiece for holiday meals since 1955. When The Honey Baked Ham Co. approached the Roosters about their career site, this feathery crew knew they could provide vast improvements and go hog-wild to create a site that drove the results their client needed. While their process for spiral-slicing was one of a kind, the career site did not convey their similarly “one-of-a-kind” culture, or the wholesome values of the organization.

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The previous career site showcased clean top navigation and an abundance of information. However, it lacked the pure heart and spirit of The Honey Baked Ham Co. Fast forward to October 2019, and the launch of the organization’s brand-new site!

Sweet Solutions

When it comes to visual appeal, the Roosters design work had the Ham Fam squealing with delight! In addition to aligning with the look and feel of their corporate site, the career site now features a bold image of their iconic spiral-sliced ham–front and center. Most importantly, the job search functionality is now prominently positioned at the top of the page, putting the career opportunity front and center. With an incredible volume of seasonal hiring needs, the new career site also allows the business to highlight their revolving seasonal jobs to job seekers looking for temporary employment. As job seekers scroll down the page, they encounter a recently added COVID-19 safety statement, and a general call to ‘Join the #HamFam’–an excellent play on their flagship product! Below, you’ll see career areas broken into three buckets: store management, store associates, and corporate & production/fulfillment. This information is anchored by the Ham Fam’s core values, and their equal opportunity employer (EOE) statement–a must-have for those in the federal contracting space.

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The newest addition to the online career site is the ‘Why Join the #HamFam’ page. When it comes to showcasing corporate culture, branding, and overall light-heartedness, no one does it better! From the top-down, job seekers get to feel as if they are on a guided tour of the brand, beginning with an introduction to the #HamFam, the organization’s core values and guiding philosophies, benefits, and future growth opportunities. The page also adds emphasis on community involvement, depicting not only the values but also how they abide by them day-in and day-out. This page is bookended with the light-hearted video, “How to become a HoneyBaked Hammelier.” This hilarious take on the term sommelier provides a little comedy combined with education surrounding the product and what sets it apart from its competitors.

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Fresh Baked Results

This fresh-baked beauty is enough to make the “hammelier” of The Honey Baked Ham Co. proud! The sophisticated site design, coupled with the company’s quirky, yet intrinsically fun brand is prevalent throughout and creates a lasting impression on job seekers and, in turn, has aided in defining The Honey Baked Ham Co’s visual online identity. Since launching in November of 2019, the site has continued to grow, and rightfully so! The boldly branded elements appeal to job seekers nationwide–so much so that has had 45,376 visits and 10,302 ‘Apply’ clicks, with nearly 63% of traffic coming from a mobile device. The Roosters were able to help the Ham Fam capture talent in a variety of ways by developing a career sit that renders beautifully on a variety of technologies–whether searching from their computer or mobile devices.

See what I meant about going ham on a career site? The Roosters took careful time to work with the team at The Honey Baked Ham Co. to discover their needs, which resulted in a career site that not only captures the elements of fun but also speaks to job seekers each day. Get in touch with this customer-obsessed team at Recruit Rooster to learn more about their abilities ranging from career site design and development to creative recruitment marketing videos, on-brand photography, and more!

I’ll leave you with one final joke…because I can’t resist:

Why are pigs such early risers?
Did you ever try to shut off a rooster?