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The Roosters were the talk of the henhouse this past month, and rightly so. With tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, the team were heads downs working on projects for new and existing clients all month. From a veterans crosswalks to diversity pages and full career site makeovers, this team NAILED IT. Check out some of the sites that this team churned out with ease in October.

Stratolaunch: Creative Services Inclusion


Stratolaunch is doing big things when it comes to space launch and technology. When it came to their career site, they preferred a multi-phase approach to revamping their site and incorporating recruitment videos. At the start of the project, the Roosters were charged with running the search functionality of the site. As part of the plans for the second phase of the rollout, the organization invited Creative Director Drew Palmer on-site to capture testimonials from their amazingly passionate team. Through this process, Drew was able to pull the essence of the Stratolaunch employment brand, the team’s passion and the overall goal of the company into one cleanly branded recruitment video for the homepage of their career site. Not only does the site truly speak to the mission of Stratolaunch, but you you can also tell that each employee believes in the company’s goals and sustainability.

Experience their career site:


Parsons: Rebranded Veterans Crosswalk


Parsons is another example of a company who has been a long-time supporter of the Recruit Rooster team. This past month, the team took on the challenge of doing a light rebrand of the company’s veterans crosswalk. By adding a large hero image and some additional information about the company’s benefits, career perspectives and culture, they were able to clean up the user experience and make this site even more memorable to veterans and transitioning servicemembers in the process.

Experience their career site:


Los Alamos National Laboratory: Diversity Focused Pages & Partnership Information


With the slogan Launching careers for the workforce of tomorrow, you can’t expect for the Los Alamos National Laboratory diversity page to be anything less than spectacular–and our team didn’t disappoint. As an existing client, the Roosters are very familiar with the company’s brand and immediately got to work strategizing on the additional elements to add to the page. Finally, the Los Alamos and Rooster teams determined the elements that would provide improved user experience would be testimonials and partnership information. These additional pieces not only add to the company’s overall employment brand, but they also give the job seeker a better idea of what its like to work for Los Alamos.

Experience their career site:


Great work again, Roosters! Our talented team is on deck and ready to help you get to work creating a career site that truly exudes the essence of your brand. From custom career site layouts to authentic, on-site photos and recruitment videos, this team can help boost your career site engagement in 2019. Visit the Recruit Rooster website to learn more about their offerings or reach out to the team to request a demo and custom consultation!