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When you think of a career site, what comes to mind? While jobs and appealing job descriptions may be the cornerstone of a career site, the information, presentation, and branding also are at the forefront of any recruitment marketing strategy. For the Recruit Rooster team, they’ve made bundling these elements together look effortless, and given employers the flexibility to create microsites based upon their specific hiring needs. Let’s dive in and look at the top ten microsites the free-range roosters have developed to support hiring needs:

Siemens Smart Buildings Careers

For client Siemens, having a focus on their smart buildings and “creating environments that care” remains of the utmost importance. Therefore, their microsite was designed and developed to contain information about smart buildings, featured jobs to showcase critical hiring needs, and static pages that share more about what they do, and what life at Siemens looks like so candidates can gain an accurate picture of what’s in store – including veteran content, employee resource groups (ERGs), and the fun side of work. See more by visiting

Unilever Supply Chain Careers

Supply chain related job openings remain a top priority for Unilever, and for this global brand, a business non-negotiable. To highlight these career opportunities, Unilever put a Recruit Rooster Microsite to work, creating an environment focused on their supply chain jobs. From the start of the page, job seekers experience the importance of this role, the benefits of working for Unilever, current openings broken down by job type, factory locations for deeper dives and brand representation, and most importantly, an employee testimonial sharing their experience at Unilever. Discover the full site by visiting

Cummins New Power Careers

The future has yet to be determined, and “powerhouse” Cummins is embracing both future career opportunities and the sustainable power market. This global leader, known for its innovative technology and practices, utilized a microsite to focus on jobs related to new power and sustainable energy sources. Their site begins with the bold statement, “Our Greatest Innovation Hasn’t Happened Yet. That’s where you come in,” immediately drawing the job seeker in with powerful words, and a true appeal to generations who pride themselves on their work product and collaborative, innovative spirits. Cummins makes quick work of providing high level details and compelling statements of why you should want to work there, and finally highlights the positions related to these future-focused jobs. Experience this new power microsite by visiting

Service King Collision Body Technician Careers

When it comes to hiring, Service King Collision is always looking for body technicians to support their nationwide service centers – and a focused microsite allows their recruiters a page specifically for this effort. By focusing on the benefits and pay they deemed to be a priority right from the start, Service King now has a destination to send potential candidates as a starting point for application, and as a bonus, even a version in Spanish to accommodate Spanish-speaking candidates. Learn more about this straight-forward approach to hiring body technicians that Service King Collision has applied by visiting

Providence Health & Services Medical Assistant Careers

As you can imagine, the pandemic has spurred a special sort of hiring challenge for hospitals and medical professionals of all levels. For Providence Health & Services, a focus has been placed on their evergreen positions where they are consistently looking for medical assistants for their many facilities. From the beginning of the page, Providence focuses on the human connection, placing the open jobs front and center, and quickly following with a call to join the organization’s talent network, and information about the benefits of working at Providence. Discover this branded career site by visiting

Sanford Health Nursing Careers in Fargo, North Dakota

Some organizations struggle with hiring in specific roles, others in specific locations. For Sanford Health, hiring nurses in Fargo, North Dakota is of the utmost importance – especially given the times. To aid in their recruitment marketing efforts, Sanford Health worked with Recruit Rooster to develop a microsite with a location-based focus that dives in to highlight hiring efforts in Fargo, position benefits, and showcasing some of the unique aspects offered by Sanford Health – including flexibility and a vibrant community. Learn more about how Sanford Health utilized a location-based microsite by visiting

HNTB University Careers & Internships

Infrastructure experts HNTB recognize that the spark of their innovation and practices are its people, and have gone to great lengths to support diversity and inclusion. To focus on future hiring, they’ve created a microsite dedicated to university careers and internships to promote their efforts to hire recent college graduates, early talent, and students seeking internships in the infrastructure industry. From the start, this page promotes its jobs, and flows into the various roles available, and the mentoring associated with each. As an added benefit, HNTB has created an employee testimonial carousel that highlights the experience of past interns, further validating HNTB jobs with students. Learn more about university careers and internships at HNTB by visiting

Penske Technician Careers

Branding and targeted hiring unite in this brilliantly bold career site! Long-time client Penske is always in need of technicians to fill their job openings, and a recruitment marketing microsite focused on technicians fit the bill perfectly to help recruiters advertise these openings. From bold statements, unique graphics and images that align with the Penske brand, and breakdown levels of experience help solidify a lasting memory of potential candidates and create an engaging site that promotes these individuals to apply. See how Recruit Rooster helped bring this microsite to life by visiting

EPES Transport Driver Careers

Our nation is powered by drivers who support transportation efforts, and for EPES Transport, hiring drivers is of the utmost importance to maintain a smooth supply chain for its customers. To assist with streamlined hiring and recruitment marketing efforts, EPES Transport’s microsite has become the hub of their driver hiring efforts. From bold statements and content related to why candidates should come work at EPES, this site provides all the information potential candidates need to make an informed decision and click apply. Explore the EPES Transport driver-focused microsite by visiting

Ryder Driver Careers

Freight transportation remains the cornerstone of our nation’s supply chain, and a critical component of ensuring consumers receive goods in a timely manner. For Ryder, professional drivers are their differentiating factor, and the heroes of the pandemic who didn’t stop their efforts even as the world stopped around them. Ryder’s professional driver positions remain open at all times, and to showcase their hiring commitment and openings, Recruit Rooster developed a microsite to support their efforts. Starting with their open jobs, Ryder made sure to include compelling videos that capture the true appreciation they have for their professional drivers, while also showing the varying levels of driver positions they offer. Discover Ryder’s professional driver microsite by visiting


As you’ve seen above, focused microsites can provide you with the ability to target your hiring efforts in the areas that are the largest priority. Whether you are looking to promote evergreen jobs which are consistently open or hire in a specific location, a Recruit Rooster Microsite can be the hub of your recruiting efforts offering you a landing page for potential candidates. Want to explore more about microsites? Connect with the team at Recruit Rooster to explore custom recruitment marketing solutions that support your hiring efforts. Call (866) 268-6206 or visit for your customized solution!