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New projects, fresh ideas, and brand-spanking-new designs are continually churning out of this henhouse. Our flock of Roosters is more than happy to take on modern design challenges, branding, and creative work. Recently, this feathery crew brought new life and functionality to Good Samaritan Society’s career site. Let’s dive in and take a look at the new enhanced search functionality!

Fresh New Launch: The Good Samaritan Society

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A little backstory–The Good Samaritan Society is among America’s largest faith-based, not-for-profit organizations that provides housing to seniors and others in need. For over 100 years, this organization has put the needs of those it serves first, using the best practices in modern healthcare, to transform the aging experience in America. In 2019, they began partnering with Sanford Health (another Recruit Rooster client) in order to provide more resources to seniors. Thanks to their upstanding history and services, The Good Samaritan Society has more than 300 locations across the United States that offer care and services in senior communities and clients’ homes. To continue providing the same high level of care, they needed to continue hiring for their positions across the country ranging from nursing to housekeeping, dietary specialists, and more–and Recruit Rooster jumped at the chance to assist and even implemented Google’s Cloud Talent Solution to up the ante and help them find the right talent faster.

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Introducing Google’s Cloud Talent Solutions

Google’s Cloud Talent Solution job searches automatically identifies and fixes spelling errors, even when search terms are industry jargon, job titles, or acronyms, ensuring that all relevant jobs are returned.

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Always at the forefront of technology, Recruit Rooster flew into action to transform The Good Samaritan Society’s job search and candidate matching capabilities to help them evolve with their ever-growing talent needs. This new AI solution offers superior search capabilities such as automatic spelling correction, company jargon recognition, industry acronyms and abbreviations, and an understanding of real-world location. These pieces work together to increase quality hires, decrease time to hire, and better yet, continue to improve matching over time as it learns what job seekers and employers are looking for on YOUR platforms. Sound intriguing? For The Good Samaritan Society, this was just what the doctor ordered!

After making the switch to Google’s Cloud Talent Solution, The Good Samaritan Society saw immediate, notable results that even ruffled the feathers of our in-house Roosters. With the implementation of this superior search functionality, they have seen a 33.5% increase in conversions from search, accounting for about five or more applicants per 100 searches hitting apply. Thanks to the location search improvements, location-based searches saw a 46.2% increase! By understanding the job content and job seeker intent, the top 20 commonly searched terms saw, on average, a 64.5% increase in candidate conversion rates. When you drill down further into the data, jobs searches like “CNA” saw a 117.5% increase, “Administrator” saw a 116.0% increase, “LPN” saw a 121.5% increase, “Registered Nurse” saw a 489.7% increase, and “Social Worker” saw a 325% increase.

Captivating design, bold recruitment videos, and more go a long way into improving your candidate experience, but thanks to these tech-savvy Roosters, The Good Samaritan Society leveled up their career site to attract and convert higher-quality candidates on the back end–and have the positive results to back their decision! Kudos to this feathery flock for once again going above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients.

When it comes to developing a career site, you won’t find a more dedicated crew! Recruit Rooster offers a superior hands-on approach that keeps your team engaged and connected from start to finish. Learn more about Recruit Rooster’s growing services, including career site design, creative services and recruitment videoscareer site accessibility audits and more, by setting up a time to chat with this talented team of creatives!