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Strutting your way into 2021 and pretending like 2020 never happened? Us too. While 2020 caused much turmoil across all industries, it also provided necessary transformation and positive change for many. For us, it was a year of feverishly helping our clients with pandemic statements, impromptu career site changes, freshly branded beauties, and even an award–yes, you are talking to award-winning Roosters these days! If you missed our announcement, Recruit Rooster was selected as a Gold Winner in the 2020 MUSE Creative Awards for its work on Frontdoor’s ‘First Day on the Job’ recruitment marketing video. Let’s dive in and take a peek at the renewed Frontdoor career site and how it came to be.

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Challenges with “Curb Appeal”

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Frondoor is a home warranty company looking to take the hassle out of homeownership. Under the Frontdoor umbrella sits recognized brands like American Home Shield, HSA Home Warranty, Landmark Home Warranty, OneGuard Home Warranty, and Streem. These organizations make up the Frontdoor family of brands, and each boasts one clear goal–to disrupt the home warranty industry by making it more tech-enabled. With this drive for tech enablement, Frontdoor needs all skill sets, from the traditional call center support team to tech-related positions. With new roles, thought leadership, and technical expertise required, a business case was created for a brand-new career site that spoke to the organization’s growing vision and brand development.

Interactive, Engaging Solutions

Recruit Rooster was immediately brought into the fold to develop and bring to life a career site that told the Frontdoor brand and culture story and was an attractive destination for job seekers from all career backgrounds. Starting the project, the team sat down to look at the foundational items, looking at the ATS, jobs, branding, and future goals. The site needed to tell a story for job seekers, and on the backend, offer SEO components, analytics, and more for the recruitment teams–and Recruit Rooster was able to deliver that and so much more by stacking the deck with accessibility components and mobile-responsive design. Frontdoor landed on a flexible homepage, streamlined content pages, and a military skills translator that kept the site’s focus geared toward the search functionality.

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After getting the variables and frameworks set, the Roosters upped the ante by infusing the creative “curb appeal” needed to enhance the site’s employment branding. The team quickly hatched plans to go on-site (pre-pandemic) to record a customized recruitment marketing video using a mix of GoPro and high resolutions cameras to shoot a first-person experience video that took the viewer through an apply process and first day on the job. Two days on-site resulted in a brilliantly executed video that is fun and memorable and 45 professional images to use throughout their career site and employment materials.

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Creative, Homegrown Results
Thinking outside the box drove this project into new, award-winning territory for Recruit Rooster and actual winning territory for Frontdoor in terms of candidate engagement. Within the first month of launch, Frontdoor’s career site experienced 27,800+ visits per month, a 25% increase in visits since launch, and a 514% increase in apply clicks–WOW, talk about significant improvements! By aligning their career site with their branding and culture story, Frontdoor now sees the candidate traffic they desired for their job openings. The recruitment video has even seen an impressive 2,800 views and a 77% watch rate, meaning this video’s engagement is off the charts!

What’s next for Frontdoor?

As they continue making tweaks here and there and expand their branding and design, Frontdoor is currently beta testing a new product for their career site, developed by Recruit Rooster and RocketBuild–a custom software and app development house. What’s this new product, you ask? Until our launch, mum’s the word but stay tuned for the exciting announcement, straight from the hen house.

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Want Additional Insight?

Get the full story on design, implementation, and planning, straight from the Frontdoor and Recruit Rooster team in this recent webinar! Gain an inside look into how we captured the energy of Frontdoor during this project!

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