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…and just like that, the Recruit Roosters are off, ruling the roost with each freshly branded career site and recruitment marketing solution launched in January. This flock of creatives put their heads together to kick off the year with a (barndoor) bang, launching several fledgling career sites into the world–one of which being a brand-new career site for client Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Let’s dive in and take a peek at how the Roosters met their client’s unique needs.

For those unfamiliar with this employer, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma represents one of three federally recognized Choctaw tribes. Located across more than 10 counties in southeastern Oklahoma, Choctaw Nation originally came to Recruit Rooster with a simple goal in mind: to implement a search engine optimized job search page that allowed job seekers to filter through varying employment opportunities easily. With a tagline of “A culture like no other. A career like no other.” the Roosters knew they had to deliver a career site that truly spoke to the tribe’s historical roots, Native heritage, and growing needs as a significant employer serving it’s over 200,000 tribal members. During their initial discovery phase, the Roosters found search engine optimization to be at the top of their immediate needs.

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Through the design process, the Roosters worked hand-in-hand with the HR team at Choctaw Nation to select branded colors, layout, and imagery that spoke to the tribe’s overall brand and recruitment marketing needs. The Roosters achieved the original goal of delivering a search optimized job search page that highlighted their different job types–ranging from healthcare to gaming–and provided Choctaw Nation with a career site that is equal parts visually appealing and accessible. Job seekers who land on are now directed to the new career page and immediately are greeted with a large hero image, information about the tribe, and finally, boxes that illustrate the different career opportunities available. For additional information, the Roosters also built a Core Values page that demonstrates the fundamental beliefs of the tribe. 

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Fresh perspective allowed Recruit Rooster to deliver a beautifully branded career site that spoke to the true spirit of the Choctaw Nation. With growing career opportunities and an inclusive work atmosphere, job seekers now have the ability to truly grasp the reach of the tribe and their rich heritage–all in one place.