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Welcome to our new blog post series where we’ll provide insights into the product roadmap and feature releases for Recruit Rooster’s Talent Community CRM. Recruit Rooster’s Talent Community product is a cloud-based candidate relationship management (CRM) software that provides talent acquisition teams with a powerful tool for increasing candidate pipelines while decreasing cost to hire.

This series will give our users a better sense of where we’re heading, and we invite them to take part in the process with feedback and suggestions for future releases. As always, we want to stay engaged with our clients, users, and community, so we can continue to make the best talent engagement platform that will have the greatest impact on everyone’s recruitment and hiring efforts.

In mid-year 2020, we began building the Talent Community. The design and development processes involved lots of discussions, prototyping, testing, iterating, and polishing. Over the course of a year and a half building something new and different from what we’ve done before, we were ready for launch. Our early beta testers gave us a big thumbs up, and since, we’ve onboarded more users to the product in 2022. 

The core features of Talent Community include all the robust functionality necessary to build talent pipelines and engage candidates.


Custom Lists

Organize your job seekers into custom lists as needed for your recruitment marketing purposes. This allows you to organize candidates based on location, skillsets, roles, interests, etc.



Import lists of candidates that you’ve captured via other tools or technologies. For example, import a list of candidates that you collected at a career fair.



Easily exports lists of candidates for reporting purposes or for moving to other systems.


Compliance Tutorials

Check out compliance tips from industry experts at DirectEmployers Association. This includes compliance alerts and a library of resources to assist in navigating complex regulations.


Email Builder

Create, save, and send custom email message campaigns to individuals or a list of candidates. Emails can be styled to fit your unique employer brand.


Custom Forms

Create custom forms that can easily be embedded into your career site. Utilize forms to capture the data that you desire for each candidate and role.


Custom Data Points

Create custom data fields that are important and relevant to your recruitment marketing processes. Then, sort and create lists of candidates based on the data you’ve collected.


Saved Search

An easy way to begin building a talent pipeline. This feature provides potential candidates with email notifications about recent job listings related to their interests and experience.


We’ll dig into more details and future plans in coming posts. We have exciting new features on the way — including SMS text message campaigns as another way to engage with talent!