The feathers flew this past December as our Recruit Rooster team closed out their first year with a (barn door) bang! From fresh new career sites to polished search pages and featured career facets, the team leads the pack in both hard work and design know-how when it comes to career site solutions. Check out what projects hatched this past December!

Corizon: Career site design

Corizon Health prides itself on being pioneers in the healthcare industry, and their career site needed to match their brand and recognition. With sharp, branded imagery and individual boxes broken down by career path, their new career site helps to spotlight the diverse career paths available for job seekers. This career site launched in no-time as the team worked to gather design elements and integrate the career site with Corizon’s apply process in just three weeks–and during the holidays! Talk about fast, custom design and flying feathers!


See their brand-new career site:

YMCA Seattle: Career site design

YMCAs are notoriously known for their mission of building a community where all people, especially the young, are encouraged to develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. With a tie to community enrichment and a national brand, YMCA Seattle needed a career site that spoke to the community and helped them promote their job openings. With their brand in place, bright header image and easily accessible career search functionality, they achieved their design goals thanks to the team of roosters.

See their brand-new career site:

Provider solutions + development: Job description page

When it comes to a career site, the most overlooked pages are often the job description pages. With great real estate and branding opportunities, Provider Solutions + Development seized the chance to add extra design elements to their pages, including a bold box at the bottom of the description that gives job seekers access to express interest in the position and direct contact information for the recruiter if they have questions. This feature lends not only a positive spin to their user experience, but also reassures job seekers that they can follow-up with an actual human if needed.

See how these improvements enhanced their job description page:

Burns and McDonnell: Radius Search

Simply put, a job search can be frustrating for job seekers. As part of their exploratory process, Burns & McDonnell wanted to alleviate some of the stress by including additional features on the career site and landed on incorporating Radius Search into their functionality. This new search parameter gives job seekers the ability to specify a point, like their zip code or city and state, and a radius to search within that then returns all the jobs found inside that area. Now, job seekers looking for openings can see all the jobs applicable to their search area based upon distance and location.

See the new radius search on their site:

University of utah: featured careers facets

There’s no denying that when presented with text or video options, 59% of executives surveyed agree that consumers choose the video option.[1] Because of the attraction to video instead of text, video recruitment guarantees an expansion in the reach of any recruitment effort–and the University of Utah is using this factor to their advantage. By creating a featured careers facet called ‘Meet Your Coworkers,’ the job seekers gain an authentic look into varying positions within the University of Utah, why these staff members love their jobs and why their positions are essential to the organization. A real and impactful testimonial at its finest!

See the new featured careers facet on their site:

sanford health: internship microsite

Sanford Health offers both clinical and non-clinical internships that provide mentoring, professional development and growth opportunities for students interested in a variety of health care careers. As the largest employer in the Dakotas, and one of the largest health care systems in the nation, they recognized the need to have a microsite dedicated to showcasing their internship program and job opportunities–and this new microsite does just that! With cohesive branding and search functionality featuring the various internships available and internship recruitment videos, the site gives job seekers the ability to look inside the program and determine if Sanford is right for their career path.

See the newly launched internship microsite:

Whew! Add these completed projects in with the sites currently underway and even more in the egg basket, and our team is set to launch some amazing projects in 2019! If you like what you see, check out what our talented team of roosters can do for you. Check out the website and reach out to discover how we can help you achieve your recruitment marketing goals!


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