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Recruitment marketing is nothing to cluck about, and thankfully, our Recruit Rooster team has solutions that not only stand the test of time, but offer experiences that employers can truly crow about. From bustling talent communities to upgraded AI-based search functionality, accessibility features, and custom recruitment videos, these birds have truly let the creative feathers fly when implementing solutions for globally recognized employers. Let’s dive in, beak first of course, to check out some of the sites and services this creative crew put in place for brands small and large.

Compliance-based Talent Community

Our roots lay in compliance, so when developing a Talent Community, we went big to create a tool that not only promoted candidate engagement and nurturing, but also featured a video repository of compliance tips – straight from the experts! Employers can now capture job seekers through various forms on your career site, organize this data, and then campaign to job seekers–all within the Talent Community platform! You’ve seen us tout our career site branding work with client The Honeybaked Ham Co., and now they have their own talent community aimed at hiring Assistant and General Managers for their nationwide locations.

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Google Talent

When it comes to candidate experience, job seekers want a site that not only offers a great user experience, but also provides them with the information they are seeking quickly. Enter Google Talent. Touted to help employers find the right talent faster, this powerhouse job search upgrade levels up the playing field using machine learning to transform search queries on your career site. From automatic spelling corrections and recognition of both industry jargon and abbreviations, this search functionality gives job seekers the information they are searching for right at their fingertips. Best yet, after implementing this search technology, client The Good Samaritan Society saw an immediate shift – a 33.5% increase in conversions from search, accounting for about five more applicants per 100 searches hitting apply, and the top 20 commonly searched terms saw, on average, a 64.5% increase in candidate conversion rates.

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Military Crosswalk

Veterans are at the heart of outreach for many, and for good reason! These individuals have unique skillsets earned during service, and have proven to demonstrate the leadership, drive, and passion employers desire. While veteran hiring programs continue to grow and take root, there’s no denying the value veterans bring to the civilian workforce, and employers like Sanford Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (to name just a few) have shown their commitment by adding military skill translators like Recruit Rooster’s Military Crosswalk. Not only does this illustrate a commitment to veterans, it helps provide a better path to employment by showing them which positions map with their military occupation and/or skills code.

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Career Sites Focused on Accessibility

Website accessibility isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a necessity in today’s hiring landscape to illustrate your commitment to workplace diversity and inclusive hiring. Color contrast, font size, and so much more go into making a career site accessible, and remove the barriers to employment that individuals with disabilities often face. See how employers like Phillips 66 and Zovio are shifting that narrative by incorporating practices that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations.

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Custom Images & Recruitment Videos

What’s the best way to show off your workspace? With images that actually reflect the ambiance, culture, and setting of your real-life workspaces and the heart of your organization and its contributors. For client American Heart Association, they did just that by capturing images that depicted their team, common spaces, and even recruitment videos that spoke to the connection many that work there have to the organization.

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Interactive Jobs Map

Adding visually appealing elements that continue to draw a job seeker deeper into your site can only improve your overall candidate experience. Alongside custom images and videos, another way to add pizazz to a career site is through a Jobs Map that offers candidates the ability to explore opportunities from a different lens. See how client Sanford Health incorporated a map of the United States and corresponding employment opportunities to better engage candidates. 

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Featured Career Paths & Programs

High volume hiring or evergreen hiring calls for high impact features, whether that be in the form of a subdomain of a career site or even a page dedicated to these efforts. Not only does this create a landing page for qualified individuals and recruiters, but it also allows you to create content and information targeting these individuals. For example, client Swedish is consistently looking to recruit nurses for varying positions within their healthcare system. Pandemic aside, this push for nurses continues to be a focus for the organization and to highlight information, testimonials, and more that would appeal to candidates, they created an entire subdomain dedicated to this career path. Now when looking to source and hire for nursing positions, recruiters can drive traffic to this page with all the information needed in one click.

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We’ve only chicken scratched the surface of what our talented Recruit Rooster crew can do! With fully customizable career site configurations, the barnyard’s the limit! Schedule some time to chat about your needs an we’ll whip up some idea that really make the feathers fly. Visit for more information!