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Take a deep breath, count to 10, and let out a long sigh–you’ve finally made it to the end of 2020. For many of us, it’s been an incredibly transformative and life-changing year and, in some ways, life went on as usual. For others, their lives were completely flipped and turned upside down. 2020 will go down as the year where the world paused, panicked, adjusted, and ultimately, grew. For our team, our supportive nature continued as we helped employers continue to expand their career site and branding efforts. Let’s review some of the projects that quickly became the talk of the henhouse this year.

Fresh from the Roost: February

Located across more than 10 counties in southeastern Oklahoma, Choctaw Nation originally came to Recruit Rooster with a simple goal in mind: to implement a search engine optimized job search page that allowed job seekers to filter through employment opportunities easily. With a tagline of “A culture like no other. A career like no other.” the Roosters knew they had to deliver a career site that truly spoke to the tribe’s historical roots, Native American heritage, and growing needs as a significant employer serving its over 200,000 tribal members. See the branded brilliance of Choctaw Nation’s new career site!

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Core Vales Page

Fresh From the Roost: March

From buses, paratransit, BRT, streetcar, ferry, coach, shuttles, and more, Transdev has cornered the market on mobility (pun intended). With 200 cities and communities served and over 200 million annual passenger trips, Transdev needs to keep their talent pipeline growing month-over-month to keep transportation for city dwellers running like a fine-tuned machine. Knowing something about fine-tuned machines, Transdev turned to Recruit Rooster to create a career site that highlighted their employment opportunities, while still putting a spotlight on internal mobility. See what the Roosters cooked up for Transdev!

Fresh From the Roost: April

Always at the forefront of technology, Recruit Rooster flew into action to transform The Good Samaritan Society’s job search and candidate matching capabilities to help them evolve with their ever-growing talent needs. Google Talent offers superior search capabilities such as automatic spelling correction, company jargon recognition, industry acronyms and abbreviations, and an understanding of real-world location. These pieces work together to increase quality hires, decrease time to hire, and better yet, continue to improve matching over time as it learns what job seekers and employers are looking for on YOUR platforms. Sound intriguing? For The Good Samaritan Society, this was just what the doctor ordered! See this full career site in action!

Google Talent search correction on The Good Samaritan Career Site

Fresh From the Roost: May

When it comes to visual appeal, the Roosters design work had the Ham Fam squealing with delight! In addition to aligning with the look and feel of their corporate site, the career site now features a bold image of their iconic spiral-sliced ham–front and center. Most importantly, the job search functionality is now prominently positioned at the top of the page, putting career opportunities at the forefront. With an incredible volume of seasonal hiring needs, the new career site allows the business to highlight their revolving seasonal jobs to job seekers looking for temporary employment. As job seekers scroll down the page, they encounter a recently added COVID-19 safety statement, and a general call to ‘Join the #HamFam’–an excellent play on their flagship product! Below, you’ll see career areas broken into three buckets: store management, store associates, and corporate & production/fulfillment. This information is anchored by the Ham Fam’s core values, and their equal opportunity employer (EOE) statement–a must-have for those in the federal contracting space. Take a full look at this iconic brand’s fresh new career site!

Honey Baked Ham Jobs - Why Join the #HamFam

Fresh From the Roost: July

For Corizon, branding is the driving element of their career site. Correctional healthcare is a niche career field and Corizon played that up with the bold header image and statement, “Correctional Healthcare is not just a job. It is a calling,” then throughout the page as they incorporated the arch element seen in their logo as you scroll down through the sections. Going the extra step to show various career paths job seekers could embark on, the Roosters created focused career segments for nursing, behavioral health, providers, management, corporate, and a section displaying all job opportunities. Scrolling down the page, job seekers can view the interactive jobs map that highlights job availability visually and provides the ability to search by location. Toward the bottom of the page is a link to Corizon Health Radio, which offers real, raw stories from employees who make a life-changing impact on others every day through their work–a perfect combination of employee stories and a testament to their efforts! After launching their career site six months ago, the Corizon Health career site has seen 55,970 visits resulting in 5,693 apply clicks. Check out the final look of Corizon’s new career site!

Fresh From the Roost: August

For the past three years, Recruit Rooster has continued to develop and support the American Heart Association’s career site and made strides to illuminate their bold employer branding. Video is quickly becoming an essential feature of a corporate career site for its ability to engage audiences and convert static content into a story, and storytelling is where our creative crew shines. The Rooster creatives hatched a plan to go on-site for a week (pre-pandemic, of course!), gather footage, and create two videos: one that brought to life a static piece of content already in use, and the other focusing on employee advocacy and an emotional connection to the work American Heart Association prides itself on. After storyboarding their ideas and casting staffers for their prospective roles, the Roosters set off for the Lone Star State. They spent the first two days on-site gathering b-roll footage and photographs of the headquarters. With ten people cast for the first, commercial-style video, the crew spent the third day working on logistics, coordinating the staffers chosen for various roles, and filming the full-motion video now seen on the career site. Experience the American Heart Association career site for yourself!



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Fresh From the Roost: September

With so many locations and hiring needs here, there, and everywhere, Flowserve continued their quest for improvement, moving past basic to revamp their career site (yes, all language variations included!) into a much more robust site and dynamic user experience. The content has been fully translated into twelve languages that users can toggle through. As part of their revitalization, Flowserve included a recruitment video that ties the heart of their success to the people supporting the company and then quickly dives into the job search function and open positions. To help the job seeker learn more about the organization, menu pages at the top allow the user to discover the history, reasons why they would want to work at Flowserve, their benefits package, and even a quick link to view all jobs. Since launching their career site in 2019, Flowserve has seen over 900,000 visits to their site and 300,000 apply clicks–staggering results that have contributed to successful outcomes for their global hiring needs. Check out how the language translation functions by visiting their career site!

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Whew! It’s been a year to forget remember, but during it all, our team of creatives put their heads together (in the most socially-distanced manner of course) to knock out project after project! These career sites not only helped employers connect with job seekers, but also provided the hope of employment opportunities to many. Let Recruit Rooster help you strut your stuff to job seekers in 2021! Our team is not only customer-obsessed, but equipped with the ability to help you design, brand, and implement an accessible career site available to all job seekers! Don’t be shy! Reach out to our team, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to slide this project proposal right into your 2021 budget. Visit to learn more!