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Rise and shine! The Recruit Roosters have been putting in WORK launching career sites, conducting accessibility audits (hint: OFCCP Director Leen addressed this as a must-have to limit barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities!), reimagining career site layouts, dreaming up new products and services, and editing all the footage shot for unique recruitment marketing videos and career site imagery. To say this feathery flock is tired is an understatement–but you can’t keep a good Rooster down! As part of the ongoing “Fresh from the Roost” series, we’ve got another gem to share this month, Corizon Health. Let’s explore, shall we?

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Healthcare Hiring Challenges

Corizon Health–while the company name might not be familiar to you, their work certainly will be. This company is the correctional healthcare industry leader and the pioneer provider of correctional healthcare in the United States. With a history of 40 years of innovation and expertise, Corizon prides itself on its governing principles: its commitment to its people, practices, and success–all things that aid in making Corizon an ideal employer to begin or advance your career. Keeping with their people-first theme, Corizon recognized their career site needed to reflect these guiding principles, the simple yet sophisticated branding seen throughout their corporate site, and quick access to their open jobs. The boutique, hands-on customer experience seen with Recruit Rooster fit the healthcare bill perfectly!


Savvy, Branded Solution

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For Corizon, branding is the driving element of their career site. Correctional healthcare is a niche career field, and Corizon played that up, first with the bold header image and statement, “Correction Healthcare is not just a job. It is a calling,” then throughout the page as they incorporated the arch element seen in their logo as you scroll down through the sections. Going the extra step to show various career paths job seekers could embark on, the Roosters created focused career segments for nursing, behavioral health, providers, management, corporate, and a section displaying all job opportunities. Scrolling down the page, job seekers can view the interactive jobs map that highlights job availability visually and provides the ability to search by location. Toward the bottom of the page is a link to Corizon Health Radio, which offers real, raw stories from employers who make a life-changing impact on others every day through their work–a perfect combination of employee stories and a testament to their work! Finally, as a federal contractor, Corizon ends their career site with an equal opportunity employer (EOE) statement that shows their adherence to non-discriminatory hiring practices. (Hint: this is a MUST for contractors! Check out this DE Talk podcast to learn more about accessibility for compliance and recruitment). To add additional information to their site, the Roosters also carefully curated pages to showcase information about Corizon, as well as benefits offered, and the company’s culture.

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Results-Driven Outcome

This site launch was certainly something our flock crowed up for months on end! However, success is not seen in just the bold branding and fun features; it’s in the analytics seen post-launch. After launching their career site six months ago, the Corizon Health career site has seen 55,970 visits resulting in 5,693 ‘Apply’ clicks. As traffic and analytics continue to show positive growth, Corizon is taking additional action to elevate their job search functionality and is currently in the process of implementing Google’s Cloud Talent Solution on their career site. Not familiar with this tool? This new AI solution offers superior search capabilities such as automatic spelling correction, company jargon recognition, industry acronyms and abbreviations, and an understanding of real-world location. By adding this, Corizon hopes to join the flock of employers who have experienced an increase volume of quality hires, decreased time to hire, and better yet, improved search matching. As data continues to roll in, one thing is for sure, when it came to helping Corizon develop a career site that drives results AND provides a positive candidate experience along the way.

For unique approaches to recruitment marketing, hands-on design, implementation, and a truly customer-obsessed team, Recruit Rooster is the flock for you! This team goes the extra mile to identify the heart of their customer’s needs and continues to deliver time and time again. Want to see what the crew could do for you? Simply set up some time to chat. By taking the time to identify your goals and needs, this crew can curate a custom career site solution that will aid your recruitment marketing efforts, while staying within your budget. Discover what Recruit Rooster is all about by visiting!

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Want to find the right talent faster?

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