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It’s officially spooky season! Despite wearing their finest superhero costumes each day to help thwart accessibility challenges, branding inconsistencies, and SEO snafus, the Recruit Rooster team has united forces to launch yet another shining project. Dare we say we have our own team of Avengers on staff? Okay, that might be going a little far, but considering our career site work has an ever-expanding global reach, the superhero bit isn’t a stretch by any measure of the imagination. Let’s dive in to see the fantastic recruitment marketing projects from these brilliant birds!

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Flowing Back in Time


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Known for its continuous innovation, Flowserve has relied on Recruit Rooster to advance their recruitment marketing needs year after year. They began with a basic career site, which then spun into nine language translations back in 2019 when our feathery flock helped this global powerhouse launch three additional career sites with CzechHungarian, and Arabic language translations. With locations in over 50 countries and more than 17,500 employees worldwide, Flowserve’s hiring needs continue to expand. To cast the broadest net for candidates, their career site needed to reflect the country and remove the language barriers that may exist for applicants.

Removing the Language Barrier + Boosting User Experience

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With so many locations and hiring needs here, there, and everywhere, Flowserve continued their quest for improvement, moving past basic to revamp their career site (yes, all language variations included!) into a much more robust site and dynamic user experience. The content has been fully translated into twelve languages that users can toggle through. As part of their revitalization, Flowserve included a recruitment video that ties the heart of their success to the people supporting the company and then quickly dives into the job search function and open positions. To help the job seeker learn more about the organization, menu pages at the top allow the user to discover the history, reasons why they would want to work at Flowserve, their benefits package, and even a quick link to view all jobs.

Results that Continue to Flow

Since launching their career site in 2019, Flowserve has seen over 900,000 visits to their site and 300,000 apply clicks–staggering results that have contributed to successful outcomes for their global hiring needs. Interestingly, over half of the job seeker traffic has their default browser setting configured to a language other than English, solidifying the need for additional translations. Additionally, nearly 70% of Flowserve’s job seeker traffic comes from outside of the U.S.–further necessitating the language translations needed to accommodate their diverse hiring locations.

Major kudos go out to the Recruit Rooster team as they continue to help employers like Flowserve establish a deeper hiring foothold in countries near and far. Need similar support to help reach your hiring goals in the coming year? Our Recruit Rooster team can assist with everything from career site development to more specialized services like military translation tools and even advanced search features like Google Talent. Get in touch with this flock of creatives today to set up a short demo to discuss your needs and overall goals, and they can create a plan tailored specifically for Y-O-U.