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Following the career site trail may lead you down a rabbit hole of new ideas, but for Recruit Rooster, it led them to the Bourbon Trail to one of Kentucky’s most recognized brands, Brown-Forman. Let’s dive right in and see how this team of colorful creatives got to work by taking this current client’s career site and making enhancements that created a better candidate experience for the job seeker while also infusing more of Brown-Forman’s branding into the mix.

Old Fashioned Growing Pains

Like with all things in life, you test the waters and find what performs well, decide what needs improvement, and make plans for future development – and that’s just what longtime client Brown-Forman has done with Recruit Rooster. From career site rebrands to enhancements and more, this storied business has been enriching life responsibly through its fine quality beverage alcohol brands for 150 years – many of which are recognized for their superior quality across the globe. When it came time to enhance their career site, they turned to the recruitment marketing experts in the flock (ahem, us…) to shed new branded brilliance on their career site and level up the visual appeal to create an experience as memorable as their signature beverages. 

Career Site Rebranding Solutions – Served Neat

Keep in mind, your career site is comparable to a storefront window, and what’s displayed matters. So when “merchandising” your career site, get creative and incorporate all of the elements that align with your brand. Beginning with the initial destination for job seekers – – the Recruit Rooster team set off to create an initial experience that exudes historical elements and roots of Brown-Forman – starting with the charred oak barrel, made famous in its bourbon country headquarters of Louisville, Kentucky. Overlaying the image are the brands within Brown-Forman, showcasing the rich history and depth of their alcoholic beverages.

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In addition to the landing page of the career site, the Roosters leveled up the veterans and disability-focused career sites to highlight content targeting these job seeker audiences – and further portray their inclusive and diverse hiring efforts.

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Results to Remember

It’s safe to say that the Roosters knocked it out of the distillery for Brown-Forman and continue to make plans for futures updates. What’s next on the horizon? Well, for starters…

While we would love to share some statistics, some info we cannot let out of the cellar. Want additional details? Our talented team at Recruit Rooster is eager to chat about how they refreshed Brown-Forman’s career site and expanded their digital footprint and recruitment marketing efforts to create a timeless career site experience that embodies the full culture of this American brand. From simple career site upgrades to more in-depth creative projectsaccessibility audits, and more, this team can help you elevate your candidate experience and your brand’s voice.

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