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At a time where nothing feels right in the world, our team of Recruit Roosters is ensuring that one ship remains righted, and that is their client’s career sites. Even when work from home has become a mandatory reality for many employees, recruiters around the nation still have open positions to fill. Attracting talent with bold branding is helping clients like Transdev enhance their recruitment branding, drive applies, and continue adding candidates to their talent pipelines. Let’s dig in to see one of the new projects the Roosters hatched this month.

While you might not be familiar with the Transdev brand right off hand, you will be familiar with their work as they are the nation’s largest private provider of multiple modes of transportation in North America. From buses, paratransit, BRT, streetcar, ferry, coach, shuttles, and more, Transdev has cornered the market on mobility (pun intended). With 200 cities and communities served, and over 200 million annual passenger trips, Transdev needs to keep their talent pipeline growing month-over-month to keep transportation for city dwellers running like a fine-tuned machine. Knowing something about fine-tuned machines, Transdev turned to Recruit Rooster to assist with their career site needs.


Transdev Jobs

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Knowing that people are at the heart of everything Transdev does, the Roosters set out to create brilliantly branded career sites that speak to the crux of business and even created a career site focused on internal mobility for their current employees. For their main career site, the Roosters opted for a video header that spoke to the work of Transdev employees and illustrated the different career opportunities within the company. Flowing down the page, you’ll see the prominent job search functionality, links to the organization’s internal job portal and talent network, and then the jobs map that visually depicts job availability. To highlight they offer more than just bus operator positions, Transdev used employee testimonial videos to highlight their varying jobs and career paths in the company. As an added benefit, Transdev highlighted not only their veteran careers (complete with a military skills translator), and benefits, and ended the page with their dedication to inclusion and finally, an FAQ document that would help job seekers during their process.

Transdev Internal Mobility Jobs

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Like their main career site, the Roosters helped develop a career site geared toward increasing internal mobility. Job search functionality remains prominent at the top of the page, along with a visual jobs map and employee testimonials. The key differentiator is the section focused on career development and growth, showcasing their focus on providing current employees a chance for mobility throughout the organization. Careers are then separated into job categories such as driversmanagementsafetycorporatemaintenance, and customer service.

Kudos to the Recruit Rooster team for their efforts! With these career sites in place, Transdev is able to attract external and internal candidates to their open positions and provide them with information need to make their next career move!

When it comes to developing a career site, Recruit Rooster offers a superior hands-on approach you won’t find elsewhere. From inclusion in development, storyboarding, and design processes to their customer-centric approach to client care, the Rooster team knows how to do recruitment marketing right. With the addition of RocketBuild’s custom app and software development, the team can take your career site to new heights! Learn more about Recruit Rooster’s growing services, including career site design, creative services and recruitment videoscareer site accessibility audits, and more and set up time to chat with this talent team of creatives!